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The 5 benefits of incense

What are the benefits of using incense Almost everyone knows what incense is. It is usually associated with religion, temples, churches and spiritual gatherings. But


Magnesium and microdosing: a perfect pair

Can magnesium help with microdosing truffles? Most people who engage in microdosing also tend to be very concerned with their mental and physical health in

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5 Misconceptions about microdosing

Microdosing and your health Microdosing allows you to work on your health and it can have very positive results. Some people notice an improvement in

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How can microdosing help with OCD?

Does microdosing help with OCD ? Compulsive thoughts that prompt you to clean every surface you touch. Or that turn you on, when you step

Scared woman sitting on ground and covering her head in fear of domestic violence

The potential of microdosing for anxiety

microdosing for anxiety Anxiety is what everyone experiences at some point in their lives, from a startle reaction when fireworks are suddenly shot off, to

Chaga mushroom

Chaga: Powerful support for your health

Chaga: Powerful support for your health Interest in medicinal mushrooms is growing. Consequently, more and more is being discovered about what they can do for

No pain no gain concept

How can mushrooms help with pain?

Positive effects of magic mushrooms Mushrooms are experiencing a revival: not only do people use them because they want to have a nice trip, there

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