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Chaga mushroom

Chaga: Powerful support for your health

Chaga: Powerful support for your health Interest in medicinal mushrooms is growing. Consequently, more and more is being discovered about what they can do for

No pain no gain concept

How can mushrooms help with pain?

Positive effects of magic mushrooms Mushrooms are experiencing a revival: not only do people use them because they want to have a nice trip, there


Breathing techniques for more energy

Your breathing is not something you think about very often, it goes on by itself anyway. But your breathing has more influence than you thought:

Close up. A table of alcohol addicted person

Microdosing in addiction

Addiction, to a substance or behavior, is a complex condition that is difficult to treat. Smoking, overeating, gambling, drinking, online shopping, snacking, drugs, it could

no people

Vitamin D3, indispensable for good health

Many people are consciously working on nutrition and the necessary supplements to support their health. Vitamin D3 is also in the spotlight nowadays, because it

Sleepy woman at the workplace at home

More energy with microdosing

If you are often tired and would like to have more energy, you should consider microdosing. Microdosing means taking a microdose, about a tenth of

Dark chocolate and cocoa on the wooden table

Microdosing with cocoa

Did you know you can microdose magic mushrooms or truffles with cocoa? The Aztecs already knew for a long time that cacao has special properties


How yoga can help with awareness

With yoga you can work on your awareness. It is more than just doing postures that make you limber. Yoga includes meditation, philosophy and exercises

attractive girl sleeping in bed at home

How to improve sleep with microdosing

Improving your sleep with microdosing is a great way to feel better during the day. Sleeping problems are extremely annoying: you cannot perform as well


Meet Fresh Mushrooms

Fresh Mushrooms is a company that has been involved in and immersed in the world of mushrooms and truffles for 25 years. We like to

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