A new balance for type A personality with microdosing


Do you have a Type A personality? Then you are probably ambitious and set high standards for yourself. These people often experience a lot of stress and may suffer from high blood pressure. If you recognize yourself in this, you might benefit from microdosing. Through microdosing, you can discover a softer side in yourself and find out that some patterns in your life are not so healthy. In this blog, you can read more about how a Type A personality can find a new, healthier balance with

What does a type A personality entail?

Every person is different; we are all wonderful individuals with our own unique character traits. Nevertheless, there are certain traits that can be used to divide people into four different personality types.
Types A
and B are most commonly used, but types C and D also exist.

Type A is someone who is hardworking, driven to be successful. Such a person is highly goal-oriented, competitive and extroverted. He or she pushes himself or herself hard and sets high standards for himself or herself. A type A personality tends to be resistant to stressful situations, is proactive, but also impatient. Remarkably, they measure their self-worth by their performance. They prefer to work alone, but others also prefer not to work with them because they can be so competitive and therefore blunt.

A person with Type A will not like working with someone who is opposite to him or her. So if you can’t plan well and don’t pay attention to time, you will get along fine with a Type A personality. On the other hand, they can actually inspire their colleagues and get the best out of them. People with a Type A personality are often executives and managers.

So while a Type A personality can have benefits, it can also have negative effects, especially on mental and physical health. Many people with a Type A personality are workaholics. They go on and on and on, not respecting their own limits. They often have high blood pressure, experience a lot of stress and are therefore prone to burnout or even heart failure.

How can microdosing help with Type A personality?

So a person with such a personality has difficulty slowing himself down. They don’t take enough breaks, don’t provide relaxation, and their demanding attitude causes a lot of stress. Some people actually cannot enjoy rest or relaxation. In addition, many Type A people develop unhealthy habits to still keep going or cope with stress. Examples include excessive alcohol consumption, the use of peps or medication.

Microdosing is a way to gain more insight into yourself. Like opening a window and suddenly seeing more clearly what is going on. You may have heard that mind-altering drugs can not only be used for tripping, but can also help with mental health symptoms, such as
. Microdosing allows you to benefit from the special powers of a psychedelic drug, such as
. However, you only take a very small dose, so you won’t trip, but you will notice the subtle effects.

Personal experiences with microdosing

Cheryl from New York, USA, also noticed this. She is a businesswoman with a Type A personality. She had many symptoms and used food and alcohol to get through the day. Cheryl was aware that she was using them to suppress her emotions. She began microdosing because she was familiar with the positive effects psychedelics can have.

Soon after she started microdosing, she noticed not only that she had more energy, but also that she was more aware of herself. Bad habits became harder to ignore. “Microdosing helped me realize exactly what I was doing. Patterns became clear, I could see better what I was trying to hide. I knew what I needed to start working on.” she says of her process.

As she continued microdosing for her Type A personality and the problems she was experiencing, she rose to the challenge. She faced the emotions she tried to repress: fears, anger and worry. Her doubts and negative feelings about herself. Everything she didn’t want to feel as a professional in the highest circles, always having to perform. Her awareness became more open and she was better able to tune into her emotions. This also gave her more influence over her own choices.

The freedom to choose with microdosing

This brought about a change, which greatly affected her behavior. “My first reaction to failure was always negative judgment. Now I have space to choose. How will I react? Will I eat or drink again? It’s not automatic anymore, I can choose,” Cheryl marvels. That seems like only a small change, but it is not. Food and drink for her, and for many people, was not just food and drink. It was part of the negative cycle of self-criticism and unconscious, unhealthy choices. And this cycle common in a Type A personality was broken with microdosing.

Unconscious impulses and addictions can make you feel powerless. Cheryl managed to turn this feeling around. Through microdosing, she was no longer powerless against these ingrained habits. She gained more influence and, as a result, a sense of inner freedom. “Microdosing makes other possibilities visible. You see power and promise in the world and in yourself. Something you don’t normally see,” Cheryl explains.

Cheryl herself thinks she has softened up a bit. She is more tolerant and judges less. She is better at enjoying herself, even if life is sometimes boring. “I suffer less from resistances in life. I get more meaning and pleasure from my work, even from the things I found irritating before.” The great thing is that this change also affects her environment: the people around her also react more positively to her.

Getting more out of your life

So microdosing can have subtle effects that can eventually lead to big changes in your life. Microdosing with truffles gives you a glimpse of what you could be and gives you the insight and tools to achieve the same. It is not a miracle pill, you will have to do the work yourself. But if you are willing to do so, microdosing can help people with Type A personalities (and others, of course) find a new balance in which they can bring out the best in themselves.

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