Does microdosing help for self-confidence?

The first step is you have to say that you can

Microdosing gives you a way to feel better about yourself, as it can potentially help with improving your self-confidence. It can help to work on yourself and more and more people are discovering that too.

Self-confidence is a difficult quality to grasp: it is trust in your own inner strength, in your skills. But it’s also about finding yourself worthwhile. Is microdosing with magic mushrooms or truffles a way to give yourself that much needed boost? In this blog we explore the possibilities of microdosing in self-confidence

The consequences of a lack of self-confidence

People with self-confidence radiate something special, which people without that trait usually envy. Self-confidence can be elusive, but it is important for functioning well in work and personal relationships. And it is also important for your own well-being. Because those who have low self-confidence also generally feel more anxious and less satisfied with their lives.

When you lack self-confidence, it goes hand in hand with doubts about your own abilities. You will often think that you can’t do something and you are reluctant to do certain tasks or face certain challenges. In addition, people with low self-confidence generally don’t consider themselves worthwhile either. They think others think the same, which in turn causes more anxiety. They bring themselves down by thinking negatively about themselves.

Because of this, a lack of self-confidence can be quite limiting. Sometimes you will avoid challenges, continue to function below your level or avoid contact with others. It is not for nothing that many people are looking for a solution. Microdosing is coming more and more into the spotlight. It is a natural remedy, which hardly side effects knows.

Microdosing is easy to apply. Several substances are suitable for this, but magic mushrooms and truffles are used the most. These contain a psychedelic substance called psilocybin. At a normal dose you will trip, but with microdosing you only take a very small amount, namely one tenth of a normal dose. Therefore you will not get any mind-altering effects, but the psilocybin does have a subtle effect on how you feel.

Effects of microdosing

How might microdosing help with low self-esteem? It affects the way your brain works, so that means on the way you think (also about yourself), how you see the world, but also on your emotions. Only limited research has been done into the possibilities of microdosing. It could help with stress, anxiety and depression. You can find a lot of experiences of people who use it for more self-confidence.

Microdosing with truffles or magic mushrooms allows you to just be yourself, exactly as you want to be, in all social circumstances. People report that microdosing has made them more social. On the one hand, they feel more social and care more about others. On the other hand, they also describe feeling less anxiety themselves when they are in the company of friends, colleagues or strangers.

Microdosing has a positive influence on your mood. Psychedelic drugs mimic the action of the substance serotonin, which makes us happy and content. As a result, you are less likely to feel anxiety. Other effects of psilocybin, that can influence your self-confidence, are:

  • More insight into yourself
  • Being able to take distance from emotions and thoughts
  • Feelings are less intense
  • Better concentration
  • Sense of security
  • Feeling more connected with others

Experiences about microdosing for self-confidence

A few stories of people using microdosing for a sense of self-confidence are a good representation of what it can do.

Audra suffered from severe anxiety and self-doubt as a teenager. She hated going to school or being with her friends. Later, her fears inhibited her at work as well. If she was given an assignment, she doubted herself and felt unable to do her job. Now that she is microdosing, the days when things are bad are not nearly as bad compared to before. She can distance herself from the feelings of worthlessness. She can stop her negative thoughts. She says herself, “Microdosing helps me remember that I am still a valuable person.”

Pete also benefits from microdosing. “It makes me more alert and gives me security. It helps me let go of the anxious feelings and gives me a normal sense of self-confidence.”

Jordan has become better at her job through microdosing. “A colleague told me that I have become more open, and warmer. I feel much more cheerful. My job used to be a struggle, I didn’t like teaching at all. Now I enjoy my work more and my students respond well to it too.”

Even though personal experiences are not scientific research, the possibilities that microdosing offers are interesting. If you want to give it a shot, try the handy ready-made Microdosing XP truffles. Each portion is precisely measured and ready to use. Order them quickly and see what microdosing can do for you.

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