How microdosing and your connection to nature reinforce each other

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How does microdosing help strengthen your connection with nature ?

There is always something happening in the world, but the last few years have been very intense. The corona pandemic was physically and mentally tough, we had to keep our distance from each other and there was a lot of fear. It’s no wonder if you then have to deal with depressive feelings. Fortunately, you can do a lot against this yourself (useful to know if we possibly face measures again). Both mind-altering drugs and being in nature have a positive effect on mood. And if you combine them, then microdosing and having a good relationship with nature can reinforce each other.

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The healing power of nature

Nature is known to have a very relaxing effect. Almost everyone has experienced that being in a green, natural environment makes one’s stress slip away. Research also shows that when a person is outside in nature, it can lower stress and cortisol levels, decrease inflammation, and reduce the risk of depression and other mental health issues.

So going outside every day is really good for you. But psychedelics can also contribute to this. Psilocybin, the mind-altering substance in magic mushrooms, is already being used today as a treatment for severe depression.

But the use of psychoactive substances is not for everyone, and it also comes with some practical drawbacks in everyday life. However, you can also microdose. You are not taking a normal dose of the drug then, but a very small one (only a tenth). With that, you may notice the positive effects on your health, but you won’t be tripping.

You can use psychedelics in this way for your overall health. The remarkable thing is that these remedies can strengthen your connection with nature and vice versa. Many users find that they have become more aware of the beauty of nature and also more environmentally conscious, since microdosing.

When you microdose and are in a forest or other green environment, you may find that you can feel a deeper connection to all that is alive. In addition, the relaxing effect of nature helps to benefit even more from microdosing. Below are five ways to strengthen your connection with nature. Take a microdose, set an intention and go exploring in nature.

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5 ways to use microdosing to strengthen your connection with nature

1. Go on a microdose walk

The best way to enjoy a walk is to take a day off when you take your microdose. Go for a walk in the great outdoors (or in a park) this day. Preferably take the whole day for it, but at least take the time to enjoy it optimally and to be aware of everything you see, smell, feel and hear. In short, use all your senses to connect with nature.

Seeing: Look carefully around you at everything that lives: small animals, flowers, mushrooms, birds and trees. Everything is bustling with life and normally we just walk past this in our minds. Pay attention to the small details, to colors, textures and patterns. Get down on your knees, look closely at the forest floor, leaves, bark and flowers. You’ll be surprised at how much you see!

Touching: Being in nature can go much deeper than just walking. Also use your sense of touch: your fingers or even your feet! Connect with the earth and touch everything. Take off your shoes and experience what earth, grass, sand and mud feel like. Embrace a tree!

Hearing: Really engage your ears when you’re out in nature. The better you listen, the more you hear. Suddenly the forest comes alive: leaves rustle, birds whistle, insects rustle.

Smell and taste: We almost never use these senses when we are outside. But take time to smell the fertile earth. You could also sample some if you know what you’re up against. Usually you can safely eat blackberries, raspberries and blueberries in nature. Otherwise, bring your own goodies; nothing beats a picnic in the fresh air.

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2. Ground

Taking regular time to ground yourself is a great way to strengthen your connection with nature. Grounding can be done energetically, but also by walking barefoot on a natural surface. Grounding in this way not only helps you feel grounded, but also brings health benefits. It helps relax and can be anti-inflammatory. If you’re going for a nice walk, always take off your shoes and walk barefoot for a bit.

3. Gardening

Gardening is also a great way to get closer to nature. Gardening also puts you in touch with nature, literally with your hands in the earth. Note that gardening also allows you to use all your senses. Enjoy the relaxing influence of being busy with soil and plants. Don’t have a garden? Indoors, you can also put plants down and spend time watering, repotting and caring for them.

4. Watch nature documentaries

Even when you are at home you can connect with nature. Watch a great documentary once you’ve taken your microdose. Get cozy and check out Our Planet, Fantastic Fungi or Planet Earth, for example.

5. Clean up the neighborhood

When you are microdosing, you might well become more environmentally conscious. A great way to be active in nature yourself is to go outside (with others) and clean up the neighborhood. Clean up trash, plant bee-friendly plants in flowerbeds, and make bee hotels. Who knows, you might plant a seed of environmental awareness in someone else.

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