How microdosing can help you find your inner balance

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microdosing helps your inner balance

Life sometimes puts a lot on your plate. From financial problems to wars that get pretty close, and from a stalled relationship to feelings of depression. With all that is coming your way, you may feel that you have become unbalanced. Perhaps you suffer from anxiety, stress, a lack of motivation or feel gloomy. This can cause you to no longer enjoy life as much. Microdosing can help you regain your inner balance.

Disruption of balance

There are those periods in life when you feel overwhelmed or just lost the thread. Life has really become much more complicated in recent decades than it was a hundred years ago. The pace is faster and, in addition, we have also lost our connection with nature. All this has led to us being in fight-or-flight mode almost continuously. And that, in turn, results in people suffering more anxiety and stress. It can also have a negative effect on your mood.

The fight-and-flight response activates the sympathetic nervous system. If this is constantly active, there is no room for recovery and relaxation. Eventually you become exhausted as a result. Being out of balance in this way can actually lead to health problems. So the key is to interrupt that fight-and-flight response. With microdosing, you can try to restore that inner balance.

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Three ways to find peace again

To feel good about yourself again, it is important to find the right balance between work and other commitments and our emotional and physical needs. We live in a very technical society. But the very earth has much to offer that can help you find your peaceful center again. Consider drugs from nature and mind-altering drugs. But lifestyle changes are also very helpful. The very combination of healthy eating, meditation and microdosing with magic mushrooms or truffles can help regain relaxation, pleasure and a sense of fulfillment in life.

1. Microdosing: the path to inner balance

Are you stuck in life, feeling irritable, tired or lethargic? Microdosing might help. This involves taking a very small dose of a psychoactive substance, such as magic mushrooms or truffles. You won’t hallucinate from this, but the mind-altering substance psilocybin does affect you. Microdosing can help you feel reconnected to the world around you. Slowly, you may find that you also begin to appreciate the little things again, which makes you feel more joy.

Microdosing can bring about both physical and mental changes in you. It’s important to find the right dose for you, though, but if you take the time to do so, I’m sure you’ll succeed. Some people use microdosing with truffles or magic mushrooms temporarily. When they have regained their inner balance, they no longer need microdosing. Others use it long-term, which is not a problem either. It is safe to do for extended periods of time. You get the most benefit from microdosing when you combine it with meditation, yoga, mindfulness and being outside in nature.

Clear your mind.

2. Support with adaptogenic nutrition

Your body also needs support when you are out of balance. With nutrition, you can offer your body what it needs. Consider probiotics and fermented products, which are good for the immune system. These are also important for the production of neurotransmitters which in turn are needed for good mood. Make sure you also get all the vitamins and minerals you need, such as magnesium, vitamin B12 and vitamin C.

It is recommended that you cook your own meals using unprocessed products. That way, for example, you get enough vitamin B3 and amino acids such as tryptophan. These play a role in the production of serotonin, a substance that can counteract the negative effects of the stress hormone cortisol. Other recommendations include adaptogenic foods, such as maca, ginseng, saffron, curcuma and medicinal mushrooms, such as chaga, reishi and cordyceps.

Another ally of serotonin is raw cacao. From this you can make a healthy and delicious drink to which you can add some of the spices mentioned above. Cocoa also has a positive effect on concentration and vitality in general. It is well known that cocoa is good for your mood. This is due to the substances anandamine and phenyletylamine. Cocoa is also good for your gut and supports the good bacteria there.


3. Detox

So eating well is important for your inner balance, but detoxing can also help you feel fit and healthy again. You can approach your detox in different ways, such as doing a sweat lodge, fasting, an enema or using supplements or cures. You can decide what works for you and how long you do a detox cure.

Sometimes there may be more going on when you are out of balance and it is necessary for you to invest time in soul searching. You can do that yourself, by meditating, writing in a journal and diving into your emotions. But if you need more help, don’t hesitate. A psychologist or other therapist can help you face and process your fears and worries. Microdosing can be the first step to regain inner balance, but if necessary, you should also take the next steps. It is well worth it if it allows you to find your joy in life again.

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