How can microdosing help you in your meditation?

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meditation and microdosing

Meditation has many health benefits. It is a beneficial moment of calm in a busy day, helping you release stuck thoughts and relax both physically and mentally. Whereas a few years ago meditation was something that only spiritual types did, now it has become something that anyone can do. But despite the benefits that meditation brings, it can sometimes be quite difficult to come to meditation. Sometimes your head is too busy, you feel gloomy or you just can’t focus. Can microdosing help you get more out of your meditation?

What exactly is meditation?

Meditation is an ancient technique designed to bring one into a relaxed state of being. Often we let our thoughts and emotions dominate us. Those keep coming up, that voice in our head that comments on everything, musing about the past or the future. It’s actually very busy in our heads. Emotions also drag us down, one moment we are happy, next frustrated, scared or gloomy.

Meditation allows us to distance ourselves from this flow of thoughts and emotions. They still come up, but you take a step back and don’t go with them. You can achieve this by focusing on the breath, on your body or on a particular object. You see thoughts and emotions floating by like clouds before a blue sky, but do not attach to them. You just let them go. This creates more relaxation in body and mind, but has many other benefits.

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The benefits of meditation

Setting aside regular time to meditate has a host of benefits for your health.

1. More rest and relaxation

One of the main benefits of meditation is that it brings more peace and relaxation to your life. You withdraw from the hustle and bustle of everyday life for a moment, and turn your attention inward. As you distance yourself from your thoughts and emotions, you are no longer carried away with all the stories that are circulating within you. Meditation helps you stay better in the now. Physically and mentally, this allows you to find relaxation even in times of stress.

2. Dealing differently with emotions

We identify strongly with our emotions. That’s why we say: I am happy or I am sad. When you meditate you start to see that emotions are temporary and that they can come up and also disappear. You can quietly observe an emotion during a meditation and then it can dissolve. Emotions will still be felt, but you will not linger in them as much.

3. More positive mood

Meditating can also have a positive impact on your mood. Being able to distance yourself from thoughts and emotions also allows you to start recognizing old thought patterns. And that makes it possible to break through them. From inner peace, you begin to see that you are not your thoughts and that these patterns are not helping you at all. Meditation can help put things in perspective, making you better able to stay positive. You don’t get carried away in negative, gloomy thoughts.

In addition to these benefits, meditation can also lower blood pressure, has a positive effect on resistance and can help you sleep better.

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How to improve your meditation with microdosing

So meditating every day for at least 10 minutes to half an hour is good for your health. So those who already meditate regularly are doing well. But sometimes it can be difficult to meditate. Even if you have a lot of experience, meditating may not want to work. This is especially common during times of stress. This makes you feel very worked up, your thoughts are racing and your body feels tense.

But it is precisely then that it is important to meditate. And microdosing can help with that. Microdosing means taking very small amounts of a psychoactive substance, for example mushrooms, truffles or a mescaline cactus. Microdosing brings certain benefits that can support your meditation:

Better focus

Microdosing can help improve concentration. If you are restless or stressed, you are easily distracted and also cannot meditate well. People who microdose report that they have a sharper focus and can also concentrate for longer periods of time.

Stress resistant

One benefit of microdosing is that it can help you become more stress resistant. Stress is really just the feeling of tension caused by difficult events in your life. You feel insecure about this and may start to fret and feel anxious. Microdosing can help you stay calm, worry less, and can also have a positive effect on your mood.

Emotionally balanced

Our emotions can get the better of us. Sadness, fear or frustration, whatever it is, can make you very restless. Microdosing can bring balance to your emotions and can increase the understanding of what is happening inside yourself. People report that microdosing makes them feel less anxious or depressed and more confident.

Meditation and microdosing reinforce each other

Both microdosing and meditation are techniques that can help you feel better about yourself. They provide more peace, help you find balance and strengthen your own, inner strength. You can choose to work with either one, but it is precisely by using both that they enhance each other’s effects. Then you basically get the best of both worlds. So if you already meditate, try the truffles from Microdosing XP, to get more out of your meditation. And if you already benefit from microdosing, see if meditation can give you even more peace, space and stability.

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