How can you improve your health simply and effectively?

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Take care of your health

In fact, your health is your greatest asset. If you are not healthy, then you will not be able to do certain things and you will be limited in what you can do. So it’s important to take good care of yourself. But how do you do that best? How can you improve your health in a simple way? Of course, healthy eating and adequate exercise are the most obvious tips. But you can do even more. The health snacks listed below are a simple and effective way to improve your health.

4 Tips to improve your health

Many factors affect your health, including a good night’s sleep, stress, a healthy diet, exercise in the outdoors and regular relaxation. But you can do even more. Use the simple tips below to give your health a big boost.

1. Turmeric

Supports the immune system

The Asian spice turmeric (also called turmeric or turmeric) contains powerful, active substances called curcuminoids. These can have a positive effect on your immune system. They stimulate the production of cAMP, a protein that may be able to fight certain fungi and proteins. In addition, the substances in turmeric activate the antibodies, which are responsible for defending your body against viruses and bacteria.

Turmeric. Fresh turmeric root and turmeric, curcumin powder

Anti-inflammatory effect

Turmeric may also help slow down inflammation. When there is inflammation in the body, you may have suffered an injury or there may be an infection. Inflammation is a signal that your body has gone to work and is trying to repair the damage. Over time this will work and then the inflammation will disappear. But in some cases, the inflammation becomes chronic inflammation. This could be due to an autoimmune disease, for example, or an unhealthy lifestyle. Curcumin has an anti-inflammatory effect, research shows. It would be almost as effective as regular medication.

So it’s a good idea to use more turmeric. You can do this by adding the spice to your diet on a regular basis. But a good turmeric supplement like Together’s is easier to use and provides you with a large and easily absorbed amount of the active ingredients.

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2. Get a good night's sleep

A good night’s sleep is essential to feeling healthy and fit. Mentally it processes everything you have been through and physically your body goes to work to repair all the damage. Chronic sleep problems disrupt these processes and can cause serious health problems. If you regularly sleep poorly, then it is important to address this.

Try to identify the cause of your sleep problems. Are these in the bedroom itself (too bright, too loud, too hot or too cold)? Is it necessary for you yourself to change something in your behavior, for example, ensure more relaxation (meditation), no smartphones or television right before you go to sleep? Do not underestimate the impact of these devices. They give your brain a lot of stimuli, making it harder to fall asleep and less able to sleep through. Try not to watch any screens until an hour before you go to sleep. Chronic sleep problems increase the risk of diabetes, heart disease and obesity.

Black pepper

3. Pepper

Did you think pepper was just a tasty way to spice up your potatoes, stir-fries and eggs? Pepper can do much more for you. In fact, this spice is very rich in antioxidants, which can protect your cells from the damage that can be caused by free radicals. Also, the active ingredient in pepper, piperine, has a positive impact on blood sugar metabolism.

This was studied in rats. These were given an extract of black pepper, after which they were administered glucose. The animals given black pepper had a lower spike in blood sugar afterward. So pepper can also help support your health naturally. So a little extra pepper on your vegetables is a good idea.

Fresh seaweed salad

4. Seaweed

In the Netherlands, seaweed is not often included on the menu. Yet we should do so more often. In fact, it has many benefits for your health. First, it is very high in fiber. Fiber not only helps with bowel movements, but also has a positive effect on blood sugar levels and has an anti-inflammatory effect. In addition, seaweed is a source of iodine, which is also easily absorbed. The seaweed with the most iodine is kelp.

Furthermore, seaweed contains a lot of omega 3, a polyunsaturated fatty acid that is very important for your health. These fatty acids help protect against cardiovascular disease. Especially if you are a vegetarian, it would be good to eat seaweed regularly. But algae are also rich in omega 3. With Together’s Algae Omega 3 supplement, you can get more of it the easy way.

Another benefit of seaweed is that it contains substances that could help protect against cancer. Scientists believe that it is the carotenoids and carragenes, among others, that are responsible for this. These have antioxidant properties and stimulate the immune system.

Seaweed contains many substances that can support our health. Not fond of seaweed, but still want to take advantage of its benefits? With Seaweed Calcium from Together, you not only get 608 mg of calcium, but also 72 spore elements from seaweed.

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