Lack of energy? Tackle it with natural supplements!


Often sluggish and tired? With natural supplements you can easily remedy this

Bubbling over with energy, that’s what we all want. Enthusiastically jump out of bed and be fit and happy all day long, whether you are young or old. But most of the time we don’t feel that energetic. Most of us could use a boost. That’s also why coffee is so popular. But coffee is a stimulant, which also has drawbacks. With natural supplements, you can address the cause of a lack of energy.

Natural remedies for more energy

It’s perfectly normal to not feel full of energy every day. Sometimes you just need an extra helping hand. Usually people use coffee for this. It helps to get you going and promotes concentration. So coffee is a stimulant. It gives us an energy boost by increasing the activity of the central nervous system.

While coffee and similar substances can help you feel more energetic, it also comes with drawbacks. Your body gets used to the drug, and in addition, you may also feel perked up and it can cause sleep problems. Better to look at why you lack energy. In fact, you may be deficient in vitamins or minerals.

If not, there are medicinal mushrooms that can support your body. They can have a positive effect on your energy both indirectly and directly.

6 natural ways that help with a lack of energy

Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 is an important vitamin, which is needed to have sufficient energy. The vitamin is used to absorb energy from food. In addition, it plays a role in the production of red blood cells. These transport oxygen through your body and thus are also important for your energy levels.

If you are deficient in this vitamin, you will feel tired and may suffer from muscle weakness and muscle pain. It can also lead to concentration problems, feeling cold easily and muscle cramps. If you are wondering if you are suffering from a vitamin B12 deficiency, you can have it tested at your doctor’s office. B12 is mainly found in animal products, such as meat, fish, eggs and dairy.
If you are deficient, you can take a vitamin B12 supplement. Together’s supplement is purely natural and based on two mushrooms: Shiitake and Oyster Mushroom. This supplement is easily absorbed by the body and can replenish possible deficiencies.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C can also play a role in energy deficiency. The vitamin is needed for a properly functioning immune system. If you have a frequent cold or flu, you will naturally not feel fit either. In addition, vitamin C is very important for proper elimination of waste products that accumulate in the body. If that system isn’t working properly, organs can’t function optimally and you can start to feel tired. Vitamin C also affects your mood, which also affects how energetic you feel.

Together’s vitamin C supplement contains no additives and is naturally based (citrus). One capsule a day gets you 140 mg of vitamin C.


Magnesium plays an important role in dealing with stress. If you suffer from a lot of stress, your body will consume more magnesium. Magnesium is needed for nerves to work properly and for muscles to relax. Therefore, stress and a lack of magnesium negatively affect and reinforce each other. This mineral is also needed for converting food into energy. Therefore, a magnesium deficiency leads to fatigue, a lack of concentration and less ability to relax.

If you may be deficient in magnesium, it is a good idea to take a supplement. The magnesium in Together’s supplement is extracted from the waters of the Dead Sea. It contains five natural forms of magnesium that are readily absorbable.

Vitamin D

Your body can make its own vitamin D under the influence of sunlight. But many people are not exposed to enough sunlight, and this can cause symptoms. Vitamin D deficiency can lead to fatigue, osteoporosis, and gloomy mood (depression). So it’s good to take a vitamin D supplement, especially in the fall and winter. Together’s vitamin D supplement is purely plant-based, and is obtained from extracts of a lichen.

Medicinal mushroom Reishi

Many people are exposed to daily stress. As mentioned, that can have a lot of impact on your energy levels. Certainly chronic stress can lead to a feeling of exhaustion. Reishi is a medicinal mushroom that can have a positive impact on the body and mind. The effect depends on what you need, the mushroom helps you to get back into balance.

Research shows that reishi helps promote the transport of oxygen. This gives your organs more energy. Research on this was conducted in 2005. It involved 132 people who suffered from neurasthenia (nerve weakness). Among other things, they had frequent headaches and were very tired. They were given a reishi supplement for 8 weeks. At the end of the study, participants reported having more energy and feeling better about themselves.


Cordyceps is also a medicinal mushroom that can help with a lack of energy. This particular mushroom is highly valued in China for its powerful medicinal effects. It has been used there for over five thousand years. For feelings of exhaustion, cordyceps can give the body a boost. It stimulates the uptake of oxygen so that your organs are properly supplied with oxygen and nutrition, which will make you feel more energetic.

If you want to take reishi or cordyceps, you can choose an extract (Foodspores) or capsules (McMyco). Both contain the active ingredients from the mushrooms. Cordyceps and reishi are safe to use and generally do not cause side effects. If you are hypersensitive to mushrooms, you should be careful though.

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