Avoiding negative experiences with microdosing

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How to avoid the negative experiences with microdosing ?

Many people microdose with magic mushrooms or truffles to support their health. But negative experiences are unfortunately also possible. That can happen if you (consciously or unconsciously) take a higher dose. In this blog, we look at what you can do to avoid negative experiences with microdosing.

Microdosing with a higher dose

When you use microdosing to support your health, you are taking a very small dose of a mind-altering drug. This dose is about one-tenth of a normal dose. You then ingest so little of the psychoactive substance that you won’t suffer hallucinations or other effects. So microdosing you can simply apply when you work, study or exercise. It will not adversely affect your mental functioning, under normal circumstances.

Most people who microdose are consciously developing. To get the maximum benefit from using a microdose of magic mushrooms or truffles, they combine it with, for example, meditation, mindfulness or journal writing. That way, you’ll get a better understanding of what microdosing does to you and whether it will benefit you. However, you may wonder if a higher dose is more effective. However, user experiences show that it is common for people to feel fine with a dose of, say, 0.1 or 0.2 grams. But when they take a slightly higher microdosing dose, they suffer from negative experiences.

However, it may just be that you can still benefit greatly from this higher dosage. But this requires some adjustments. Where you meditated or did mindfulness exercises before, these can still help, but you should put a little more time into them.

How can you avoid negative experiences with microdosing?

Not much research has been done on microdosing. Yet it is now a common way to use magic mushrooms, truffles, mescaline or LSD. Data obtained from user surveys not only show that microdosing is effective, but also reveal how you can use it to support your mental health.

On average, people take between 0.1 to 0.3 grams of dried magic mushrooms or truffles. They often feel good about this, are more productive, less anxious or suffer less from symptoms such as depression or ADHD. But as soon as they took a little more, they felt restless, uncomfortable and unfocused. Many users were disappointed by this. In fact, these people suffer from a slight overdose. The effects are often exacerbated because they were not prepared for these negative experiences with microdosing.

Take a higher dose? Get ready!

Do you always meditate briefly before (or just after) taking a microdose? This is a common habit among many microdosers. This allows you to enhance the positive effects of psilocybin (or any other mind-altering substance). Some people practice Zen meditation, chant mantras, write in a journal or take a silence walk. It doesn’t matter much how you design your contemplative moment, but these exercises are certainly useful for getting more out of microdosing.

The point is just that people who increased their microdose did not adjust their meditative practices. As a result, they got very different results than they expected compared to their normal dose. Even if you only take such a small dose, doubling up can result in negative experiences, though. So that means you actually need more mindfulness and meditation, in order to process the new impressions.

For example, if you are used to meditating for 15 minutes when you have taken 0.1 grams of magic truffles, you could double that to half an hour when you have taken 0.2 grams. The more you take, the more rest and introspection you need. That might be tricky if you don’t have time for it or meditation is not part of your normal microdosing routine anyway. But it may be necessary if you want to avoid negative experiences with microdosing.

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How can you deal with negative experiences?

It turns out that if you take a higher microdose than normal, you may suffer from other effects. By the way, this can happen when you very deliberately increase your dose, as well as when you accidentally take more than was actually intended. People report fretting, feeling overwhelmed, and sometimes mild hallucinations or disturbing feelings occur.

So meditating and seeking rest can help. If you don’t have time for that, then don’t take the dose until you are sure you have the rest. In fact, taking this time for yourself can help you process these troubled feelings and thoughts. That way, you can turn this negative experience into a positive one.

It can give you insight into yourself, both thought patterns and feelings that were bothering you. As a result, the higher dose may just be a breakthrough and move you forward. The negative or troublesome feelings dissolve naturally during your meditation or journal writing, and from there you can continue on your path.

Turning a negative experience around

Taking a higher dose is not always necessary. However, if you do plan to do it, this higher dose of microdosing truffles or magic mushrooms may initially cause negative experiences. You don’t have to immediately see this as something negative. By taking time for meditation or mindfulness, you can learn wise lessons from this.

But why do these negative experiences arise? Unfortunately, not much is yet known about the relationship between microdosing and these types of reactions. It may be that the body stores negative emotions, and possibly psychedelics trigger these stored emotional energies. Meditating allows you to work through these emotions and return to a calmer state of being. Are you thinking about increasing your dose? Then don’t forget to set aside enough time for meditation or mindfulness so that you can properly process the emotional turmoil this can cause.

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