Dosing magic mushrooms: this is how you do it


If you want to use magic mushrooms, one of the most important things you need to know is how to dose them. Whether you are going to take dried or fresh mushrooms, the amount determines how intense your trip will be. An intense, mindblowing trip may be what you’re looking for, but if it’s your first time using magic mushrooms, it’s important to be careful with the dosage. In this blog, you’ll read all about how to determine your dosage and what the effects may be.

The mind-altering power of magic mushrooms

A trip (hallucinations) is caused by a mind-altering substance. There are all kinds of substances that are psychoactive and some of them can be found in nature. Mushrooms (magic mushrooms) contain the mind-altering substance psilocybin. If we want to be accurate, it is not psilocybin that causes the hallucinations. It is actually an inactive compound (a precursor substance), which is only converted into an active substance, psilocin, in the body.

So when you take shrooms, it is psilocin that causes the trip. But now if you want to know exactly how to dose your magic mushrooms, you still look at the amount of psilocybin they contain. The tricky thing, however, is that magic mushrooms are a natural product and the amount of psilocybin will vary by species and individual mushrooms. So you can never determine exactly how much of the mind-altering substance is in your home-grown mushrooms. At least, not without running a whole battery of tests on it, which can only be done in a laboratory.

But in fact, that is not necessary either. We can give an average of each mushroom species. And with this you will have the tools you need to determine how many magic mushrooms you want to take for a mild, medium or intense trip.

This is how to dose magic mushrooms

Are you going to use magic mushrooms for the first time? Then you still have no idea how you will respond to this. We recommend starting carefully in that case. Take a low dose to see what the effects are first. If this went well and you think you can have more, you can increase the dose next time.

Also think about what kind of trip you want to have. Are you looking for a fun evening with others, want to feel relaxed and social, but not completely out of the world? Then it is wise to stick to a low dose. On the contrary, if you go for a spiritual quest, want to experience the full power of magic mushrooms and explore all sides of the universe, then you can take a high dose. This kind of trip can turn your life upside down and it is an experience you will not soon forget. But this is only an option for seasoned cosmonauts who have used magic mushrooms before. For beginners, this is not recommended.

Furthermore, make sure that there is someone with you who will stay sober and want to be a trip sitter. This one will keep an eye on you and help you in case of a bad trip. How do you tackle dosing now? Below is a recommended amount of dried or fresh mushrooms for a mild, medium or intense trip.

Dried mushrooms

Fresh mushrooms

Mild trip

1 gram

9 grams

Average trip

2 grams

20 grams

Intense trip

3.5 grams

35 grams

What are the effects of magic mushrooms?

Mushrooms can cause hallucinations. But now you may be wondering about the effects of a low, medium or high dose of magic mushrooms. At a low dose (1 gram of dried or 10 grams of fresh magic mushrooms), the effects will be mild. Even though it doesn’t seem like much, this is not a microdose. You may notice visual effects, such as colors appearing brighter, and you may feel happier or just nice and relaxed.

If you take an average dose, the hallucinations are more pronounced. Feelings of euphoria are possible, or you get fits of laughter or your brain produces striking, unusual, out of the box thoughts. Taking a medium dose is only recommended if you have already used a low dose a few times and responded well to it.

You take the highest dose if you have had a lot of experience with magic mushrooms. You can then take 3.5 grams of dried or 35 grams of fresh mushrooms. The trip will be intense, with powerful hallucinations that you can see with your eyes open and closed. All your senses work differently, your sense of time and space may disappear. People report that they have gained spiritual insights with this dose, that they have met extraterrestrials or strange beings. Such a high dose can change your whole outlook on life.

Mushrooms for beginners and advanced users

Not only the dose determines your trip, but also the kind of mushroom you choose. In fact, some magic mushrooms have more powerful effects than others. Looking for a mushroom with mild effects, suitable for a beginner? Then go for the Mexican (from All in One or Fresh Mushrooms). The Mazatapec is a nice mushroom for people who have tripped before (from All in One or Fresh Mushrooms. And if you have a lot of experience and go for an intense trip, then the McKennaii is for you (from All in One or Fresh Mushrooms).

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