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Reishi Mushroom

Reishi is a beautiful, caramel-colored fungus that grows in subtropical regions. It has been used for centuries in Asia for its medicinal properties. Even in the West, we are increasingly discovering what Reishi can do for health, and it’s not nothing. Research shows that this fungus may be able to help with heart arrhythmia, stress, asthma and cancer. The special active ingredients in Reishi can boost your immunity and that always comes in handy. You can read everything you didn’t already know about Reishi here.

The Origin of Reishi

With its dark brown and warm yellow colors, Reishi is a beautiful fungus to behold. It grows on the trunk of trees and prefers plum trees. It is called the Japanese Lacquer Mushroom in our country, but its official name is Ganoderma Lucidum. Reishi is a rare mushroom, which is why remedies containing Reishi are quite pricey.

Still, it’s worth including this fungus in your medicine cabinet. It contains a large number of potent substances that can support health. In Asia, people are so impressed with the power of Reishi that it has been nicknamed the Divine Mushroom of Immortality. Whether that is excessive or not, we leave to your own judgment. In any case, below you can read what you could use Reishi for and what is known about its effectiveness.

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Reishi for stress complaints

Many people experience stress these days. Because of work, worrying about health, our impact on the environment, worries about the kids or finances, maybe you feel high stress on a daily basis. While short-term stress doesn’t do much harm, chronic stress is a major strain on the body and mind. This can cause many symptoms, as can be noticed in blood pressure, sleep problems, digestion or nerves. You can feel exhausted, sluggish and even sick because of stress.

Reishi could help with this. In fact, this mushroom works adaptogenically. That means it adapts to the circumstances, to what your body needs. If you are very stressed, Reishi can help you get back into balance, both physically and mentally. Reishi promotes the transport of oxygen, giving your organs more nutrition and energy. It supports resistance and can prevent fluctuations in blood pressure. It also appears that Reishi can help improve your mood.

The potential of Reishi in cancer

Reishi is a wonderful natural remedy to use for cancer. It can help speed up recovery and increase quality of life. In fact, the mushroom contains substances that stimulate the body’s own natural killer (NK) cells, which clear cancer cells. As a result, these NK cells become more active. Research shows that the Japanese Lacquer Mushroom can also cause angiogenesis. This prevents cancer cells from forming blood vessels, which in turn hinders growth. Reishi can be used for different types of cancer, such as prostate, colon and breast cancer and also for leukemia.

A study of Reishi in breast cancer, shows that the fungus can prevent metastasis. This means that the spread of cancer cells through the body is prevented. Reishi also seems to be able to induce apoptosis, which is the death of cancer cells. You can use the Japanese Lacquer Mushroom to support your immune system, as well as to be less bothered by the side effects of chemotherapy. Combining medicinal mushrooms in cancer is very effective. For example, Reishi can be taken together with Chaga and Agaricus blazei; they enhance each other’s effects.

Herb supplement. Lingzhi mushroom or Reishi mushroom supplement capsules.

Reishi in inflammation

Reishi contains several substances that have anti-inflammatory effects, such as triterpenes. This makes it a suitable remedy for a variety of conditions that stem from inflammation, such as fibromyalgia, rheumatism and Crohn’s disease. Therefore, Reishi is also the right choice for bleeding gums and inflamed wounds. It supports your immune system so that it acts more effectively against infections.

Lack of energy and in depression

Do you feel like you already get up in the morning with a lack of energy? Do you feel gloomy and unmotivated? No matter how well you sleep, it seems like you are always tired. Then it would be a good idea to take Reishi. Because it has a positive influence on mood, immune system and transport of oxygen, it can boost your energy. Reishi can also help with depressive feelings.

In 2005, research was done on 132 people who suffered from nerve weakness (neurasthenia). They had symptoms such as headaches, fatigue, dizziness and irritability. Participants were given a Reishi supplement for 8 weeks. They felt a lot better afterwards, they were less tired and more comfortable. In addition, Reishi was well tolerated by all participants.

Reishi for the immune system

As you could read earlier, Reishi has a powerful effect on the immune system. It supports the body’s self-healing ability. So when you have symptoms, such as prolonged colds, frequent flu or weak resistance in general, Reishi could well help with this. This fungus is the right choice for all types of infections, inflammations, as well as allergies. For autoimmune diseases, Reishi can also be taken, such as Lyme disease or Lupus.

If you think Reishi is also suitable for your symptoms, you can purchase Reishi as a tincture or capsules at Both contain all the active ingredients and can help support your health. Order a Reishi supplement quickly now and you will get your package delivered to your home as soon as possible.

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