The power of singing bowls


Many people are looking for relaxation, but it is still not easy to let go of all the busyness, stress and worry. Sound can help you unwind. Think of the sound of birds singing, rain or a rushing sea. Sound has a profound effect on the body and mind, and you can take advantage of that by using singing bowls. In this blog you can read about the power of singing bowls.

What are singing bowls?

Sound or sound affects matter, and man has known that for a long time. For thousands of years we have used the power of sound. Drums, singing bowls, flutes, gong, various instruments have been used for relaxation and healing since time immemorial. Sound can help when the body or mind are out of balance. So this form of using sounds is somewhat different from listening to music for pleasure. Although that too can be healing and the line between enjoying music and benefiting from its healing effects can just disappear.

Singing bowls have been used in Tibet, Nepal, China and Japan for centuries for relaxation and healing. They are round metal bowls made of different metals. It is often said that seven precious metals are used, gold, copper, silver, lead, iron, tin and mercury. But whether this is true remains to be seen, and it cannot be easily verified. It also doesn’t actually matter. When picking out a singing bowl, just go by your gut and whether the sound you hear resonates with you.

The special power of singing bowls

A good singing bowl produces a full polyphonic sound (with overtones) with a multitude of frequencies. Each singing bowl is made by hand if all goes well. As a result, each scale is unique and will produce its own unique sound. So what makes a singing bowl so special? You vibrate the bowl by tapping it with a beater. A warm, full sound sounds and this vibration travels through the body, where every cell will resonate with the sound.

It’s the same as putting a glass of water in front of a speaker. You can see the sound reflected as ripples in the water. Your body also consists of water, more than 70% in fact. The sound of singing bowls makes this water vibrate, your organs are massaged and every cell will respond to the sound. A singing bowl massage can be harmonizing and
soothing work.

The profound effect of sound

Clearly, sound can have a profound effect. But then what are the benefits that a singing bowl massage can have? Below we explain.

Stop fretting

A singing bowl massage is actually a kind of meditation with sound. You lie quietly and are engulfed by the sounds produced by the bowls. This allows you to let go of all your thoughts for a while; the monkeymind comes to rest. If you have a lot of stress or are a worrier, then a singing bowl massage can bring a lot of peace.

Calmer brain waves

Sounds also affect brain waves. In normal, waking consciousness, there are beta waves. Because of the rhythm and frequency of the sounds, your brain waves may slow down. In deep relaxation, they turn into alpha waves. But a meditative state can also occur, with beta waves. This wonderful deep state of relaxation is a benefit to the body and mind, giving your body time and space to recover.

Clearing blockages

Singing bowls can also help clear blockages. On the one hand, it is because of deep relaxation. You will have the opportunity to feel and release emotions. But sounds also help, in that their vibrations can help dissolve tensions and blockages. This allows energy to flow better again.

How does a singing bowl massage work?

If you want to benefit from the power of singing bowls, you can have a singing bowl massage. Such a massage is performed by a therapist, who has a large number of different singing bowls. You lie on the floor or a massage table during the treatment. The therapist places singing bowls on you and around you. These are gently tapped with a beater. A treatment can last from half an hour to a full hour. Afterwards, you can relax for a while.

More relaxation in your life

Rest and relaxation are incredibly important for recovery. Many people fail to get enough rest. A singing bowl treatment is a great way to get back to yourself. But maybe you don’t have a therapist nearby or this way of relaxing doesn’t appeal to you anyway. Then there are alternatives.

Those seeking relaxation, self-knowledge and self-development can opt for microdosing. Microdosing is a method in which you take a very small amount of a mind-altering substance (for example, magic truffles). This low dose does not produce psychoactive effects, but it can subtly affect the body and mind. Commonly cited benefits include more rest and relaxation, less stress, less anxiety and better sleep. Microdosing can also help break blockages and ingrained patterns.

Microdosing is also ideal to use in conjunction with meditation, mindfulness or yoga to achieve even deeper relaxation. Microdosing is a safe way to support your health. To learn more, read more about what microdosing is and what the benefits are here.

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