What are the pros and cons with microdosing

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There are advantages to microdosing, but are there any disadvantages?

You may have had your mind set on microdosing: taking a very small dose of a psychedelic substance, such as psilocybin. This can have a positive effect on your health. More and more is becoming known about the benefits of microdosing. But you might also want to know if there are any drawbacks. We’ll explore that in more detail in this blog.

What exactly does microdosing mean?

When you microdose you take a very small dose of a psychoactive drug. Mushrooms and truffles, for example, contain the substance psilocybin. This has a mind-altering effect. When you take a microdose of this, you won’t notice any of its psychoactive effects, but you can benefit from its positive effects on your health.

There is not a whole lot of research data available yet on microdosing. But there are many stories to read from enthusiastic users. Microdosing can have a positive impact on your physical and mental well-being. But are there any known drawbacks?

Microdosing Magic Mushrooms.

The advantages and disadvantages of microdosing

As mentioned, there have not been very many double-blind and reliable studies on the potential benefits of microdosing. So we will have to rely on what is known and what users have shared in terms of experiences. Below is an overview of possible advantages and disadvantages of microdosing.

Benefits of microdosing

1. More energy

Many people suffer from a lack of energy. It’s sometimes hard to get up and by the end of the day, you run out of energy and feel overtired. Stress can be a culprit, but of course you can also suffer from sleep problems. Microdosing can help with this by providing a boost in energy and possibly having a positive effect on sleep quality.

2. Less burden of anxiety

From personal experience and limited research, it has been suggested that microdosing could help with anxiety. It can counteract excessive fretting and helps you stay in the now better. As a result, you worry less about what might go wrong. Users report that it helps them interact with other people a little easier.

3. More creativity

Microdosing can boost your creativity. Users report that while microdosing, they are better able to think out-of-the-box, more easily come up with original ideas, and come up with solutions faster. Research also shows this. You can benefit greatly from greater creativity both at work, while studying, and at home.

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4. Sense of satisfaction

The benefits of microdosing are not easy to objectively represent. Of course, a sense of satisfaction is also subjective and therefore very personal. People who microdose report that they are now more satisfied with themselves and their lives. They feel more connected to the universe. They are more aware of the good things in life, even if they are sometimes small. For example, they now enjoy a nice song on the radio, the warm sun on their face or a hug from their child more. This makes life much more valuable and helps you feel better about yourself.

5. Improved productivity.

One of the commonly cited benefits of microdosing is improved concentration and therefore increased productivity. If you can concentrate for longer periods of time at a time, you will get more done. Microdosing also helps you keep track and plan better, so you don’t feel overwhelmed by a full schedule.

6. Microdosing benefits: Analgesic effect

Microdosing can also be used for pain. It does not work as quickly as a normal painkiller, but it can provide long-term relief from chronic pain. Good results have been achieved in migraine and cluster headaches. People who suffer from this report that psilocybin is almost as effective as regular drugs. The benefit is that microdosing may even be able to prevent attacks of these headaches.

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Disadvantages of microdosing

Despite the advantages mentioned above, there are also some disadvantages to be found.

1. Physical discomfort.

A survey done recently showed that some physical discomfort can sometimes be noticed due to microdosing. Some users report headaches, stomachaches, and fatigue. Sleep problems also sometimes occur. The latter can possibly be prevented by not taking your microdose in the evening or just before bedtime. Furthermore, it is also worth remembering that these complaints were reported by only 18% of the study participants.

2. Can exacerbate anxiety

The same survey shows that some people actually experience more anxiety from microdosing. This was only 7% of the participants. They felt more anxiety, had less energy, and likewise had problems with concentration. This is only a low percentage, but so this may be one of the disadvantages of microdosing.

3. Effects are not always readily apparent

The impact microdosing can have on your health can be subtle and not always exactly what you expected. Try not to set the bar too high, nor expect results too soon. It may take several weeks before you notice anything.

Advantages and disadvantages of microdosing: What's the bottom line?

There seem to be many more advantages to microdosing, than disadvantages. One caveat that can be made, however, is that not enough research has been done on the effects of microdosing with psychedelic drugs to draw definitive conclusions. It is mainly the personal stories that show that microdosing could boost your health. But is that a reason not to try? It could bring you a lot. You can purchase the easy-to-use, ready-to-use microdosing truffles from Microdosing XP in the webshop. Each truffle is individually wrapped and is just enough for a single dose.

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