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Microdosing products can help boost your health. If you would like to purchase this type of product, order from Belgium via dutchmicrodosing.com: the website where you will find organic truffles that are produced with a lot of knowledge and expertise. With these microdosing truffles, you will enjoy all the benefits of microdosing. Order now and you will receive your order quickly at your home.

Do you already know the benefits of microdosing?

In daily life, you deal with an excess of stimuli and stress. It is no wonder, then, that many people find that they are tired and overstimulated, have pain or sleep problems, have difficulty concentrating or suffer from anxiety. You can take medication for some of these symptoms, but that also comes with certain drawbacks. Therefore, a large proportion of people look for natural remedies that can help. Microdosing with magic mushrooms or truffles is a good option. Research shows that microdosing can have a positive impact on health. Fortunately, more and more attention is being paid to this from science, including in Belgium. Are you curious about the possibilities of this natural remedy, look around in the webshop of Dutchmicrodosing.com


How can you use microdosing truffles?

The substance psilocybin is responsible for the mind-altering effects of magic mushrooms and truffles. It’s the reason you start hallucinating, seeing and hearing things that are imperceptible to others. Your thoughts move faster, your senses work differently, and often people gain more insight into their own behavior or the world. This kind of experience can have a great impact and change your attitude toward life. For a trip with magic mushrooms, you need on average about 3 grams of dried mushrooms.

But it turns out that psilocybin can have health benefits in smaller amounts. In that case, you don’t take so much that you start tripping, but only a microdose, a tenth of a normal amount. This makes it possible to benefit from the subtle effects of the substance though, without hallucinating. However, you may find that it can have a positive impact on your mood or energy and make you feel better about yourself.

Microdosing is basically very simple. Microdosing XP makes it even easier for you: each dose in the pack is individually wrapped, allowing the remaining doses to be stored for a long time. This also ensures that you always take the right dose.

What does microdosing help with?

There are all kinds of complaints for which you could use microdosing. These can be both physical and mental. Microdosing is often used for anxiety (e.g., fear of failure or shyness), stress symptoms, brooding, and problems with concentration. Through microdosing, you might experience better sleep or feel a little more at ease when you are with others. It can also help against fretting. The changes will not be noticeable overnight, nor will you become a completely different person. Usually the effects are more subtle, but it can definitely help you feel better about yourself.

Physical complaints that microdosing can help with are pain symptoms (from menstruation, rheumatism, headaches or inflammation). Microdosing can also have positive effects in ADHD. People who microdose report that this natural remedy helps them perform better at work or while studying. They feel better emotionally, have more energy and are more comfortable in their own skin.

Dried pieces of mushroom fly agaric on table with scales. Measurement of microdose

Guidelines for microdosing

Microdosing is not like taking medication: there are no prescriptions that dictate how much and how often you should take the drug. It is best to go by your own gut and listen carefully to what your body or mind is telling you. When microdosing, the Fadiman routine is often used. He developed these to prevent your body from getting used to the substances too quickly.

If you use the Fadiman routine, then you have a hold on his schedule of ingestion. On day 1 you take a microdose, but on the second and third day you take nothing. On these days, see what you notice about the dose. It is a good idea to keep a journal, writing down what you notice physically or mentally. This allows you to keep a more accurate eye on the possible effects. The fourth day you do take another dose, after which you take nothing for another 2 days. You can continue like this for 8 to 10 weeks. At the end of this period, you will pause for 2 weeks to assess what effects microdosing has had. If you want, you can continue the routine afterwards.

Online shopping at Dutchmicrodosing.com

Anyone who would like to support their health with natural products can visit Dutchmicrodosing.com. You’ll find organic truffles from Microdosing XP, each dose safely vacuum-packed. But there is more, like the grow kits, with which you can grow magic mushrooms yourself very easily. In addition, in the shop you will also find purely natural food supplements, such as calcium, magnesium or vitamin C from Together. Furthermore, you can find magic truffles and capsules and tinctures of medicinal mushrooms with us.

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