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Magic mushrooms Grow kits

Mushrooms and magic truffles are perhaps one of the best known mind-altering psychedelics. Shrooms, or magic mushrooms have been used for thousands of years to get in touch with the gods, for example. Not for nothing is there a mushroom known as “The flesh of the gods.” We have put together our range of products for every user. So you can buy magic mushrooms for beginners to the most potent magic mushrooms for the most experienced psychonauts. Our grow kits from All in One and from freshmushrooms are the best available and consist of a healthy mycelium from which you can grow the best mushrooms.

What are magic mushrooms?

Mushrooms, shrooms, or magic mushrooms they are all kinds of names for the same thing. Shrooms expand your mind. This is because of the substance in the shroom called psilocybin. This is the substance that is converted in your body into the substance psilocin, which ultimately provides the mind-altering effects. Magic mushrooms are basically nothing but the fruit of the mycelium. Mushrooms emerge from the ground under the right conditions. Are the right conditions not taking place? Then the mycelium stores the nutrients for a later time. These are then small clusters that we call magic truffles or sclerotia. A trip with magic mushrooms is basically the same as with magic truffles. Still, users sometimes report that a trip with magic mushrooms is more intense and visceral than with magic truffles.


Rich in psilocin

Our psilocybin mushrooms are rich in psilocin. You can recognize this because the inside of the stem is blue.

What are the effects of magic mushrooms?

A trip with shrooms is often a pretty intense trip. The mind-altering effects often kick in after about 30 minutes. For example, colors can become more intense, you can hallucinate, and many users report being euphoric during a trip with magic mushrooms. The effects often vary from trip to trip, but certainly from mushroom to mushroom. In our webshop you can buy different mushrooms in different strengths. For example, there are mushrooms that explore your mind, such as the “philosopher’s stone,” but also magic mushrooms in which you can experience out-of-body experiences.

Visual Effects

Visual Colors

Cheerful feeling

Are magic mushrooms legal?

Since 2008, it has been illegal to sell magic mushrooms. The reason for this was a number of incidents in the Netherlands where tourists were under the influence of magic mushrooms. However, it is legal to grow magic mushrooms yourself. For this reason, for magic mushrooms you can only find grow kits that allow you to grow the mushrooms yourself.

Magic mushroom grow kits

Our magic mushroom grow kits consist of healthy mycelium from which powerful mushrooms grow. The grow kits are designed so that you can easily grow mushrooms yourself. Often you only need to follow a few steps. Then it’s wait and see and in about two weeks you can harvest the mushrooms. In our assortment you can find two types of magic mushroom grow kits: all-in-one grow kits and Freshmushroom grow kits. Both grow kits provide multiple harvests of mushrooms. Thus, experienced cultivators can achieve a harvest of up to four times. How big the harvest is does vary by grow kit and mushroom.

medical research on psilocybin mushrooms for mental health treatment

Mushrooms can be ordered at Dutchmicrodosing

In our online smartshop you can buy grow kits to grow mushrooms yourself. We will make sure it is shipped as soon as possible. Do you want to start tripping right away? Then choose magic truffles. These are available in weighed containers or as microdosing portions.

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