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Psychedelic 100% Mycelium FreshMushrooms XP growkit

FreshMushrooms is an innovative company specializing in the manufacture of ready-made grow kits equipped with a psilocybin mushroom mycelium. These growkits contain a 100% Orgainsh and organic substrate and are inoculated with psilocybin mushroom spores. Regular grow kits from other brands do not contain 100% mycelium. This means that with these grow kits the mycelium still has to grow before it can produce its fruits (the mushrooms). Because a grow kit of FreshMushrooms contains a 100% mycelium they are much easier to set up and grow. Moreover, the mushrooms shoot out of this mycelium sooner than with a regular growkit. This is because the mycelium has already grown sufficiently. This wonderful and innovative idea of a 100% mycelium grow kit was created by mycologists and experts with decades of experience in the field of magic mushrooms and truffle cultivation. FreshMushrooms stands for high quality and sustainably manufactured grow kits.

Easy to grow

Only keep it moist with a plant sprayer.

Extremely high potency

Freshmushrooms are twice as strong as others.

Biggest yield

The biggest yield and the best quality.

Proven quality

Freshmushroom has 25 years of experience.

The best strains

All known strains available.

What does the XP stand for in a psychedelic 100% mycelium FreshMushroom XP growkit

The XP in FreshMushrooms grow set stands for Extra Potency. FreshMushrooms claims that the psilocybin in the mushrooms coming from these grow kits is higher than in the grow kits from other mushroom producers. This would be because the grow kits have a 100% mycelium. The FreshMushrooms psychedelic grow kits produce mushrooms with almost twice as much psilocybin than other grow kits. Take this into account when planning to trip with psilocybin mushrooms from FreshMushrooms. Moreover, FreshMushrooms is among the largest microdose fresh psilocybe truffle manufacturer. A psychedelic grow kit from FreshMushrooms are super easy to set up and grow. There is no need to add water to the grow kit before the first harvest.

In which environment is it best to experience a trip with a psilocybin mushroom or a truffle?

After harvesting your psychedelic mushroom grow kit you will of course want to consume it quickly. It is of the utmost importance when starting a trip on psychedelic mushrooms or truffles to do this in a familiar environment. We always advise to experience a trip on magic mushrooms in your own house or that of a good friend. A trip outdoors can also be one of your options as long as you create a nice trip spot for yourself, think of a tent, mattress and enough drinks (water). Clean up your house, put all the things ready that you might need during your trip on psychedelic mushrooms or truffles. After all, you don’t want to go looking for this while you’re in another dimension.

When to harvest psychedelic mushrooms with the 100% Mycelium FreshMushrooms XP growkit

Your mushroom grow kit will be ready in about the third week. But how do you know exactly when the mushrooms are ready to harvest? This is when the cap of the mushroom starts to open up and the membrane underneath starts to let go/break. You harvest the entire mushroom grow kit in one go. Not all caps of the mushroom pop open at the same time. This means that harvesting should be done when the membrane of 2/3 of all caps in the grow kit breaks loose. It is possible that some mushrooms have not yet opened their caps, but are still harvested.

Which 100% Mycelium FreshMushrooms XP growkit do we sell?

We offer the entire range of FreshMushrooms grow kits, each with its own unique effects! Do you want to experience a psilocybin mushroom trip for the first time in your life or are you an advanced mushroom user? We have a psilocybin mushroom grow kit for every type of user. Looking for a magic mushroom strain with lots of visualizations? Or rather more focused on philosophy? This is also easy to find out by clicking on an image of growkit in this category. An image appears that shows exactly the effects of the selected mushroom variety/grow kit. Let’s highlight three FreshMushroom grow kits:

Thai XP Growkit

The Thai-strain FreshMushrooms XP grow kit is an easy mushroom to grow. The effects that the magic mushroom from this wonderfully Full-Moon party psilocybin grow kit / grow kit can give is an increase in energy, visuals and social. Especially known for the infamous parties on the famous Thai party islands. Besides the social and uplifting effects of this growkit, these magic mushrooms are sure to produce bright eye-closed visualizations and eye-open distortions of objects! The Thai magic mushroom grow kit is perfect for a first or second introduction to psilocybin magic mushrooms.

Mexican XP grow kit

The Mexican mushroom was the first mushroom that was identified as psychoactive! This world famous magic mushroom is, just like the Thai magic mushroom, super easy to grow. The Mexican Mushroom comes up in rich clusters and is not as sensitive to fungus and bacteria as many other psychedelic mushroom species or grow kits. This growkit with the beautiful Stropharia Cubensis is very suitable for those persons (beginner) who are curious about the effects of psilocybin. Experience the psychedelic powers of the Mexican psilocybin mushroom and walk the spiritual path of the Aztecs.

Golden Teacher XP growkit

A teacher with the knowledge of Gold! That’s the Golden Teacher. This famous magic mushroom strain is a powerful Entheogen. This FreshMushrooms growkit is not meant for beginners in the field of psilocybin. The Golden Teacher will guide you philosophically through the trip with strong visuals and an open mind. Thinking out of the box is no problem with this psychedelic mushroom grow kit. You will be flooded with new insights regarding your own life or social issues. We recommend this magic Golden Teacher psilocybin mushroom grow kit only to people who have experienced a trip on psilocybin several times.

How to set up a psychedelic 100% Mycelium FreshMushrooms grow kit

Setting up a FreshMushrooms cultivation set is dead easy. Upon arrival we always advise you to place the grow kit in the refrigerator for 24 hours, so it can rest for a while. After 24 hours you can set up the growkit according to the instructions. The instructions and maintenance of a grow kit is not very important. Let’s go over the FreshMushrooms set-up growkit instructions in a nutshell: Remove the grow kit from the packaging. Open the grow bag and place the grow set inside. Fold the growbag tightly around the growkit. Wait until the first little mushroom heads appear. Now is the time to put the growbag upright. Now you can open the bag every other day (1 minute) and mist the inside of the growbag. Do not spray on the grow kit itself. Now it’s waiting for the pyschedelic mushrooms to grow until the caps open and the membrane underneath breaks. This is the time to start harvesting.

100% Organic medicinal mushrooms

Besides the psychedelic mushroom grow kits we also sell medicinal mushroom extracts / tinctures. These mushrooms / fungi have a positive influence on body and mind. Many of these unique medicinal mushrooms are included in Holistic Chinese Medicine or while the TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine). The use of these exclusive fungi really goes back thousands of years. The effects of these mushrooms are not psychedelic, but mainly: supporting and strengthening the immune system. In Asia, these mushrooms have been declared sacred because of their unique properties and effects on the human body and mind.

No growkit, but supplements for physical and mental support

Of course we stand behind the power of natural products. We don’t only believe in a magic mushroom grow kit, but also in nature and its ability to fight diseases. It is also for this reason that we sell vitamins and supplements. Vitamins can make a great contribution to a healthy lifestyle. It often happens that you have not been able to eat 2 pieces of fruit and at least 200 grams of vegetables. On days like this, a vitamin supplement is the solution to make up for the shortages caused by this.

100% Mycelium FreshMushrooms grow kit buy at Dutchmicrodosing

If you order a psychedelic mushroom grow kit from FreshMushrooms in our shop, we will pack it with great care and send it with the speed of light. Once we have received the purchase amount we will send the track and trace via email and the invoice. This way you can follow the grow kit to your front door. Experience the magic of a psilocybin grow kit and order one soon!

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