Microdosing XP Truffles

Order here the Microdosing Xp truffles, The microdosing XP truffles are packaged with the utmost care. The Contents consist of 6 servings of 1 gram. The packaging ensures that the truffles as long as possible vacuum remains sealed. This means you are always assured of fresh microdosing truffles, nUpon receipt, we recommend that you keep the truffles refrigerated.


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100% Organic grown Microdosing XP Truffles

Microdosing XP truffles are of the highest quality and are grown in an organic and environmentally friendly manner, on an organic substrate in a sterile environment that meets all the hygienic requirements related to mushroom and truffle cultivation. The truffles we offer are a unique selection, specially selected for their effects for microdosing. Microdosing is something you only want to do with a pure natural and 100% organic product. The substance psilocybin interacts with the brain. You want to avoid turbidity caused by chemicals or pesticides. You don’t want these chemicals to somehow interact with psilocybin.

The effects of Microdosing with Eco friendly and Organic mind blowing Truffles

With Microdosing XP truffles from Dutchmicrodosing you will not experience any trip or hallucinations, nor visualizations. This is not the purpose of microdosing. Microdosing is the conscious ingestion of small amounts of psychedelics, in this case psilocybin. This is the only way you can benefit from the subtle positive effects. The targeted benefits are consistent with the effects of microdosing with Microdosing XP truffles.

A study set up by the University of Toronto into the effects of psilocybin microdosing has shown that during the cure the participants scored higher on wisdom, creativity and openness. On the other hand, the participants indicated that they suffered less from negative emotions and related behaviour. Below a list of the benefits that microdosing with psilocybin truffles can bring:

Microdosing with Organic and Biological truffles:

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  • Increased productivity and creativity
  • Reduces the risk of fears and uncertainties
  • Can work as an antidepressant
  • Increased problem solving ability
  • Make you feel better about yourself and open up more easily
  • Has a positive effect on stopping addictions
  • Has a mood-enhancing effect
  • Increases persistence and reduces procrastination

Microdosing with 100% Organic psilocybin Truffles is trendy.

The interest in microdosing with natural and environmentally cultivated mind-expanding truffles is finally starting to grow in Europe. The journalists of the largest newspapers are also starting to notice this trend. This is reflected in a large amount of positive publications, related to investigations into the magical effects of psilocybin in recent years.

Many of these headliners in newspapers discuss the benefits of microdosing on mental health. Psilocybin is said to have the power, when microdosed for at least 2 months, to transform emotionally charged, negative thoughts into positive thought processes. Many users of antidepressants have switched to microdosing with psilocybin truffles. They gave as reason, that the mind-expanding truffles, contrary to antidepressants, work more effective on both mental and physical level. The main advantage was that there was hardly any “falling back into a dip”. Conventional therapy would not have the same positive effect as the natural and 100% organic truffles. “Dark clouds transform to grey and with time to white clouds”, said one of the participants of this study.

What are and what makes these 100% Organic Truffles so unique

A mind-altering truffle is identical to the magical psychedelic mushrooms except for its appearance. This is because the mind-altering truffle grows from the same mycelium as the psilocybe magic mushroom. The mycelium is a network of fungal threads with the mushroom as its fruit. At times when the climate is not favourable enough for the mushroom (the fruit) to grow, the mycelium has come up with a wonderful solution: the truffle! The truffle is a storage container, with the same nutrients as the mushroom. He supports the magic mushroom in unfavourable climates, so that it can still emerge. The truffle does this by providing the mushroom with extra nutrients.

A truffle contains just like a magic mushroom the compound psilocybin. This substance only works as an antidepressant when taken in super small doses. Psilocybin is broken down in the body, mainly the liver, to psilocin by the enzyme monoamine oxidase. Psilocin is recognized by the brain as serotonin, the happiness hormone. This plays an important role in regulating emotions, acting as a regulator of the dopamine system. A deviation in this can lead to anxiety symptoms, depression and poor sleep, which can make it unbearable to get out of bed every day in a positive frame of mind.

Why cure with Eco friendly grown XP Dutch Microdosing 100% Organic Truffles

It is of great importance to cure for at least one month, even better two months, with Dutchmicrodosing truffles. If you do it for less than a month, it will be very difficult to judge whether the microdosing has worked. Let’s put it this way: some changes are so subtle that it takes time for you to notice them. If you want to get the maximum effect from microdosing, it is advisable to choose a cure of 2 months.

It is also a good idea to make use of some sort of cure book. In this booklet you write down, even before you start the treatment, what you are confronted with on a mental/spiritual level in your daily life, such as depression, negative thoughts, fears, stress, work pressure or old wounds. Start with microdosing and note down the changes you notice every other day in the cure book. By using a cure book you will be able to monitor your progress. After all, you want to get every advantage out of microdosing with psilocybin truffles.

What is the micro-dose with Dutch Microdosing XP 100% Organic Truffles

The golden formula for microdosing with psilocybin is 1/10 to 1/20 part of a recreational dose, adjusted for experience. A recreational dose for fresh psilocybin truffles is on average around 10 grams. This means that a micro-dose would amount to 1 to 0.5 grams of fresh truffle. It is absolutely not the intention to experience visual effects while microdosing. With a micro-dose you will not suffer from this either. The effects of microdosing are subtle but do not interfere with daily life. In fact, after some time (already during the cure) the daily routine will become easier and easier.

Weighted doses are essential and that is why Microdosing XP truffles are packaged per 6 fresh doses of truffles of 1 gram each. The microdoses are packaged in such a way that they can be cut out individually, thus guaranteeing the freshness of the other doses. By this unique method of packaging, the Microdosing XP truffles are also very user friendly.

100% Organic Truffles for an unforgettable trip

Besides Microdosing we also offer 100% Organic and Biological truffles for a spiritual awakening. These truffles are purely natural and free from chemicals and pesticides. You do not want any chemical junk in the truffles, which will interact with the serotonin receptors in the brain. Psilocybin truffles should be pure and clean and that is exactly our vision for launching this 100% Organic and Organic truffle line.

Why go for a truffle that is not known to be organically grown? You don’t want to run the risk that a substance has been used that can negatively interact with the brain, do you? Therefore it is always important to go for 100% Organic and Organic truffles. In this largest range of organic truffles there is something for everyone. Do you want to experience the power of psilocybin for the first time? You want to break through dimensions? Do you want to create spiritual awareness? Do you want a trip full of visualization? Don’t you have depressive thoughts that keep you busy all day? Then choose for magic psilocybin truffles and not microdosing.

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