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Psilocybe Magic Truffles

Magic truffles, along with magic mushrooms, is one of the best known natural psychedelics. Magic truffles and magic mushrooms are natural products that are naturally rich in the psychedelic substance psilocybin. This is the substance that provides the mind-blowing effects we love so much. The big advantage to magic truffles is that you can use them immediately. In our online smartshop you can find different magic truffles with different strengths. As a result, there is something for every user. Want an easy trip? Then choose Mexicana magic truffles. Ready for a solid trip? Then you can choose the Dutch Dragon’s or Utopia magic truffles.

Utopia Truffle
Atlantis Truffle
Dragons Dynamite
Doubble Vision
Utopia Truffle
Atlantis Truffle

What are the effects of magic truffles

As mentioned, magic truffles are rich in psilocybin. This is the substance that causes you to trip. Psilocybin is converted to psilocin in the body. This is the final substance that causes you to trip. A trip with magic truffles varies from time to time. Even if you use the same truffle. Nevertheless, as a general rule, you can assume that you may be able to experience the following effects:

  • Euphoria
  • Visual Effects
  • Sounds seem more intense
  • Hallucinations
  • Out-of-body experiences
  • Additional problem solving ability
  • Laughing Kicks
  • Philosophical Thoughts

This is just a sampling of all the effects you can experience with magic truffles. As soon as you start using magic truffles the first effects occur after about half an hour. The trip with magic truffle can sometimes last up to eight hours. Therefore, make sure you are well prepared.

Agave plant with magic vibes and spiritual glowing light.

Preparing for a mind-blowing trip

Once you start using magic mushrooms or magic truffles, it is important to prepare yourself properly. What we mean by this is not only that a trip can last a long time, but also that you reduce the chances of having a bad trip. First, it is important not to use magic truffles or magic mushrooms if you are depressed or under a lot of stress. In addition, always make sure that you use magic truffles in a familiar environment. Then it is now time to use the truffles. A trip can sometimes last up to eight hours. Therefore, make sure you have drinks and food within easy reach. Then once the trip kicks in and it gets too intense, you can choose to use a trip stopper. The trip stopper takes the sharpest edges off the trip. You can also ask a friend to stay sober. Then they can reassure you if the trip is too intense.

Dragons Dynamite
Doubble Vision

What is the difference between magic truffles and magic mushrooms?

Magic truffles and magic mushrooms come from the same mycelium. The main difference is that the magic mushroom grows above ground and the magic truffle, on the contrary, grows below ground. This is because the magic truffle is sclerotia in which nutrients are stored. The mushroom, on the other hand, is precisely the fruit of the mycelium. In terms of effects, magic truffles and magic mushrooms provide a similar kind of trip. Nevertheless, magic mushroom users report that they experience a trip with magic mushrooms to be more intense and visual.

Microdosing with magic truffles

In our assortment you can also find magic truffles for microdosing. The truffles are fresh and weighed out so you have no chance of overdosing. There are several possible effects you can experience when you microdose. Think, for example, of increased productivity, but also of additional creativity.

Are magic truffles legal?

This is a common question before many people order from us. Magic truffles are completely legal to order in the Netherlands. The confusion is mainly because magic mushrooms are not allowed to be sold. Nevertheless, in the Netherlands it is tolerated to buy a grow kit with which you can grow the mushrooms yourself.

Buy your magic truffles in our online smartshop!

In our online smartshop you can find different magic truffles. Thus, as a beginner, you can build up the strength of the truffle to the point where you become a true psychonaut. After ordering, we make sure to ship your package quickly and discreetly.

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