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For the experienced psychonaut there is the Fresh Mushrooms Albino: a powerful mix of the two strongest magic mushrooms available. By crossing Golden Teacher with A+ the Albino mushroom was created. And it’s not suitable for beginners. With his pale hats, he may seem innocent. But make no mistake, his strong visual trips take you on a journey you won’t soon forget.

Tripping with Albino XP Shrooms

If you choose the Albino, you can expect a trip that combines the best effects of the Golden Teacher and the A+. So you’ll be able to recognize the philosophical reflections of the Golden Teacher, but also the violent visual hallucinations of the A+. We advise you to only start doing this if you have a reasonable amount of experience with magic mushrooms.

Why these mushrooms are white

Despite its name and pale white hats, the Albino is not a true albino. That he is white is the result of a genetic mutation (leucism). There is then a reduced pigmentation, but that is not the same as what is the case with an albino.

Leucism can also occur in animals. They therefore have a white coat or a white skin. But the difference with albinism is that they don’t have red eyes. When you start growing the Fresh Mushrooms Albino XP mushrooms, they will have beautiful creamy white caps and stems. If you bruise a mushroom by accident, the damaged spot will turn blue.

Albino magic mushrooms are a subtropical species. They like a higher temperature and humidity level and you should keep a close eye on those. Put the Albino grow kit in a dark place (but not in total darkness), to make sure your mushrooms become as white as possible.

The effects of Albino mushrooms

The Fresh Mushrooms Albino XP mushrooms provide a powerful visual trip, with bright colors and moving, geometric patterns. At the same time, they will also provide creative thoughts, philosophical insights and a sense of joy. Your thoughts may move at a rapid pace, sometimes they are realistic, but there may also be little logic to them. The effects resemble those of the McKennaii mushroom and also in terms of intensity the Albinos are similar. Keep in mind that this is one of the most powerful magic mushrooms and that you preferably have tripped several times before you start.

Dosage of Albino Mushrooms

To determine the right dose, you look at several points: your own weight, how much experience you have with magic mushrooms and how intense the trip should be, all play a role. If you have not tripped often before, it would be better to take a lower dose. If you don’t notice as much, you can always take more. There are several ways to use Fresh Mushrooms Albino mushrooms. In any case, use a scale to weigh the right amount. Eat the mushrooms fresh or dried, or make them into mushroom tea.

You can use the advice below to determine your dose:

  • Mild trip: 0,5 gram to 1 gram dried mushrooms.
  • Medium trip: 1,5 gram to 2 grams of dried mushrooms.
  • Intense trip: 2 grams to 3 grams of dried mushrooms.

Preparing a trip

It is advisable to prepare your trip well before taking Albino mushrooms. Tripping can be pretty intense and it is important that you are in a safe place. So first think about where you are going to do it: at home or at a good friend’s house. Ask yourself if there will be others there and if you trust those people well.

The more pleasant the surroundings and the people are, the more likely you are to have a nice trip. If you are at ease and relaxed, you can better surrender to the experience. Also make sure there is a tripsitter present. This is someone who remains sober (and therefore will not use drugs or alcohol). If the trip happens to get a little too intense, he or she can help you by reassuring you. A trip stopper is also useful in this respect. This can make your trip less long and intense.

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Do you think you can handle the effects of the Fresh Mushrooms Albino XP mushroom? Do you fancy a trip to higher spheres? Don’t wait any longer and buy your own Albino XP grow kit quick and easy in our shop. We will send your package to you as soon as possible.

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