With a Freshmushrooms grow kit you can easily grow B+ mushrooms at home. These mushrooms become relatively large, up to 30 cm high. This is also the reason why it is one of the most popular species. This can also be because you won’t have as much nausea after eating, which can happen with other magic mushrooms. So start growing and enjoy the special, spiritual trip you can get with the B+ mushroom.

Cultivation of B+ mushrooms

If you want to buy a Fresh Mushrooms grow kit B+, you might wonder if you are suitable to grow magic mushrooms. Most people who start this don’t know anything about it. But these grow kits are super easy to use. You don’t need any special skills for it, so you can do it too. And there’s nothing more fun than watching your own mushrooms grow.

And they can grow, the B+. They are not demanding: they are not impressed by temperature fluctuations or lower humidity. It is a resilient species. They will amaze you with their striking growth habit. They can grow up to 35 cm high! The hats have the colour of caramel and the average width is 2.5 to 7 cm. That’s pretty big compared to other magic mushrooms.

What are the effects?

The experience with B+ mushrooms is that the trip is often warm and positive. People get spiritual experiences, from which they get a positive message. There are visual hallucinations, but tripping with this mushroom is actually mostly pleasant. You feel happy, cheerful and a bit dreamy. The effect is relaxing. The B+ is suitable for use in various conditions. Below are the most frequently mentioned effects:

  • Relaxing
  • Satisfaction
  • Laughing Kicks
  • Spiritual experiences
  • Visual effects (medium strength)
  • More creativity
  • Seeing intense colors
  • Worked up, happy

It is known that the use of magic mushrooms can induce nausea. Sometimes you even throw up. One of the benefits of the Fresh Mushrooms B+ is, that the nausea is less strong and it is better tolerated by most people.

Advice on dosing

It is wise to be cautious with dosing magic mushrooms, especially if you have no experience. When choosing the right dosage, you should take into account the kind of trip you want (the more mushrooms you take, the more intense the trip), your own experience and your body weight. On an empty stomach the mushrooms will have more effect faster than when you’ve eaten something. Below are directions for dosing:

  • Microdosing: 0,2 gram dried mushrooms | 2 gram fresh mushrooms
  • Mild trip: 1 gram dried mushrooms | 9 grams fresh mushrooms
  • Normal trip: 2 grams dried mushrooms | 21 grams fresh mushrooms
  • Intense trip: 3,5 gram dried mushrooms | 35 gram fresh mushrooms

Instructions for using magic mushrooms

Tripping is a special experience. Some people like to do it alone, others together. If it’s your first time taking mushrooms, it’s best to do it together with a tripsitter. That’s someone who doesn’t use anything (including alcohol) and keeps an eye on you. This way you can safely surrender to the experience and be open to what the mushroom will bring you, but know that at least someone is there to help you if needed. Furthermore, a trip stopper is always handy.

Buy your 100% Mycelium B+ mushroom grow kit online

By buying your B+ mushroom grow kit online, you ensure yourself of a high quality grow kit, which will give you a great yield. In the package you will find everything you need to help your mushrooms grow. Order now and you’ll have your package in no time.

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