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For a medium strong trip with philosophical lessons choose the Fresh Mushrooms Cambodian XP growkit. Have you used magic mushrooms before and are you looking for something more? Then you’re ready for the Cambodian. The psychedelic effects are medium strong and nicely balanced. This makes them suitable for beginners and more experienced psychonauts.

Grow your own Cambodian mushrooms at home

With a growkit you can grow your own Cambodian mushrooms at home. That is not difficult, especially if you choose the Fresh Mushrooms grow kit. It makes growing mushrooms easy. On top of that, the Psilocybe Cubensis Cambodian is a very hardy magic mushroom, that grows fast and almost always emerges. In the growkit you will find everything you need to start your grow. If you are going to use the mushrooms, then you will definitely have a wonderful experience. There are visual effects possible, but the effect will also affect your thinking, causing you to have philosophical reflections on life.

Effects of the Cambodian magic mushrooms

Cambodian mushrooms can cause visual hallucinations. Users notice lighting effects, colors are brighter and sometimes objects are distorted. These visual effects can be described as mild. You may also start to hear sounds differently. But the Cambodian magic mushrooms are especially known for their philosophical influence: it often happens that people get special insights, about themselves or about life. You feel creative and inspired.

You can also lose track of time. Furthermore, this magic mushroom can give you a euphoric feeling. It’s also possible that you may have trouble speaking, which means you can’t pronounce words and sentences as well. The Cambodian mushroom is medium strong and we recommend it for people who have tripped once or twice before.

The Cambodian mushroom: where does it come from?

The Cambodian mushroom originates from Cambodia and was first found by mycologist John Allen when he was travelling in this country. He found the mushroom near the famous Angkor Watt temple. Despite the fact that the western world only got acquainted with the mind-expanding effects, the original population knew very well what kind of properties the mushroom has. They used it for centuries during rituals to make contact with the spirits.

How much should you take?

We always advise beginners to be careful with dosing magic mushrooms. If you haven’t tripped before, you should take a smaller dose than if you’re already experienced. The more you take, the heavier the tip. When dosing, it is also important how much you weigh and whether you have something in your stomach. The guidelines below can help you on your way:

  • Microdosing: 0,2 gram dried mushrooms | 2 gram fresh mushrooms
  • Mild trip: 1 gram dried mushrooms | 9 grams fresh mushrooms
  • Normal trip: 2 grams dried mushrooms | 21 grams fresh mushrooms
  • Intense trip: 3,5 gram dried mushrooms | 35 gram fresh mushrooms

Tripping with magic mushrooms is a personal experience. Everyone reacts differently, and what is comfortable for one person is not for another. Don’t let yourself be persuaded to do something that doesn’t feel right. Fresh Mushrooms Cambodian XP Mushrooms are suitable to eat raw or dried. You can also make magic mushroom tea. Boil some water, let it cool down a bit and pour it on the mushrooms. Let the tea steep for 20 minutes and then drink it.

Preparing your trip

Before you start tripping, you can think about the set and the setting. This means that you first have to decide where you are going to trip: in your own house or with friends? And who will be there? Choose a place where you feel relaxed and surround yourself with people you can trust. Also take a look at your own mental and emotional state. If you are restless, scared or angry, this can have a negative effect on your trip.

Have a tripsitter with you. This person remains sober and therefore does not use alcohol or drugs. If you take the Cambodian mushrooms, the tripsitter will be around to assist you if needed. It is nice, when the trip is a bit heavy, that there is someone who can reassure you. Also arrange for a trip stopper, this can make the effects of the mushroom diminish faster.

Buy your Cambodian XP mushroom grow kit online

Are you looking for a nice mushroom to have a good trip with? If you are a beginner or already have experience, then the Cambodian XP is ideal. Order your own growkit in our webshop, so you can easily grow them at home and experience for yourself what this mushroom has to teach you. The grow kit is sent to you in a safe, neutral packaging.

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