Cordyceps extract 30ml


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Cordyceps militaris is a medicinal mushroom derived from Tibetan and Chinese medicine. Cordyceps militaris, or caterpillar killer, grows in the high Tibetan mountains and provides several positive properties. The cordyceps militaris is actually a parasitic mushroom that feeds on caterpillars and butterflies. Cordyceps is used in traditional medicine as a potential supporter of the body and mind. It may provide extra energy for both the body and the mind.


Per 10 drops:

  • Cordyceps Militaris 500mg
  • Vitamin B3 2250 μg 15%
  • Vitamin B3 225 μg 15%


Suitable for adults only. Do not take more than 3 x 10 drops per day.

Possible effects

  • As an energy booster for the body and mind

Storage advice

Store this product in a cool, dark place (15°C- 20°C) such as a kitchen cabinet and out of the reach of children.


Cordyceps (Food Spores) – 30ml.

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