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Lion’s Mane from McMyco is a nutritional supplement that you can use to support your health.
If you were to encounter the fungus Lion’s Mane (in Dutch Pruikzwam) in the forest, you would see a striking appearance: it looks like a white wig, or the mane of a lion, growing on the trunk of a tree. Unfortunately, you are not likely to encounter it in our country; it is an endangered species.
Lion’s mane also stands out because it can help support your health.
You could use him to boost your immune system, among other things.
But its power lies mainly in the protective effect it has on the brain.

What Lion’s Mane can be used for

Lion’s Mane has been used in Asia for centuries, both in cooking and for its medicinal properties. The fungus has a light, sweet taste, which is why it is considered a delicacy in the Far East. It is used there in all sorts of dishes, including as a meat substitute.

In Asia, the wigwam is known for its protective properties. It is said to be able to bring the body and mind back into balance and is used there for restlessness, sleeping problems, anxiety and stress. He could also have a positive effect on your concentration.

The western medical world is also starting to discover more and more what medicinal mushrooms have to offer. There is a lot of research being done on the medicinal properties of mushrooms. McMyco’s Lion’s Mane can also contribute to good health. You could use this at:

  • Stomach and bowel complaints
  • Support of the immune system
  • Complaints of the nervous system and brain

Lion’s Mane and its effects on the body

The brain

With age come complaints, which we usually take for granted. We notice this especially in the poor functioning of our brains: forgetfulness increases and we cannot keep up with the times as easily. In severe cases, the elderly can develop Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s disease. With these diseases, nerve cells are damaged and no recovery is possible.

Taking Lion’s Mane can have a positive effect on the brain and nerves. This fungus appears to be able to promote the production of NGF (nerve growth factor) and contains neuropeptides, which are involved in the preservation and growth of myelin and nerve cells. In this way the Wigweed has a protective effect on nerves and could limit the devastating effects of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

In case of stomach and intestinal complaints

McMyco’s Lion’s Mane can help with various gastrointestinal complaints. You can use it for inflammations, ulcers, bacterial infections and even stomach cancer. Problems in the gastrointestinal tract are often caused by bacteria, such as H. Pylori. This particular fungus can inhibit the growth of this bacterium and at the same time has a protective effect on the stomach lining.

Support of the immune system

Many mushrooms contain all kinds of valuable substances. For example, Lion’s Mane is rich in non-linear polysaccharides. These are antioxidants that have a supporting effect on the resistance, because the body needs them as building material. So you can use this supplement to maintain your resistance and protect yourself against bacteria, viruses and other parasites.

McMyco’s Lion’s Mane easy to buy online

If you want to use Lion’s Mane to support your health, it is good to know that this mushroom is safe to use. Do be careful if you have allergies, in case of pregnancy or breastfeeding. Then it is advisable to ask your doctor for advice. Buy this supplement quickly and easily in our shop in a pack of 120 capsules.


Per vegetarian capsule: 400 mg organic lion’s mane (hericium erinaceus) extract from 100% fruiting body (mushroom). It is a full-spectrum extract obtained by means of H2O and ethanol. This is to get the most out of the fruiting bodies. It contains 30% polysaccharides and beta-glucans.

Excipients: magnesium citrate and silicon dioxide
Dosage: 2 x daily 1 capsule during meals with water.
Contents : 120 capsules

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