Trip Stopper



When you use magic mushrooms or magic truffles to trip then sometimes the trip can be a little too intense. A trip-stopper allows you to take the sharp edges off your trip. It enhances the breakdown process and helps to gradually stop any bad trip. With a trip-stopper, you’ll be well prepared for your trip. Especially when it’s one of the first times you’re tripping, it’s nice to have a trip-stopper within reach. After all, just knowing that you have a trip-stopper in the house is a comforting thought. After all, you then don’t have to worry about a possible bad trip being too intense. After all, you have a trip-stopper behind you. In addition, we advise everyone to always have a trip-sitter in the room. That’s a sober friend who can help you calm down when a trip is a little too intense. Incidentally, even for experienced users of magic mushrooms and magic truffles, it is always advisable to have a trip-stopper in the house.


In the packet of trip stopper you will find 2 different pills. In fact, it contains 2 dextrose tablets and 4 valerian capsules. Valerian capsules help you relax more. The dextrose tablets are there to reduce the effects of your trip a bit.


A trip stopper helps speed up the breakdown process and takes the edge off. This trip stopper only works with magic mushrooms or truffles.


First take the 2 dextrose tablets, then the 2 valerian capsules with a large glass of water. After 10 minutes, it is best to eat something savory, such as a sandwich. For now, try to stay calm and focus on your breathing and the fact that the trip is coming to an end.

Storage advice

Store this product in a dark cool place such as a kitchen cabinet and out of the reach of children.


Trip Stopper McSmart – 6 tablets.

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