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Improve your daily functions!

  • More Energy
  • Better Concentration
  • More Creativity
  • More Decisiveness
  • Enhanced Mood
  • Less trouble from Procrastination
  • Less trouble with mood swings
  • Improved Mood
  • Decrease Depressive complaints


Fresh and 100% Organic

Why would you microdosage?

“Precious is the wisdom gained through experience.” A great quote that can be equated with the use of microdoses of psilocybin truffles. The experience of taking a course of psilocybin truffles is like magic. Psilocybin truffles will provide you with new insights, knowledge and wisdom. The creative brain is working overtime, allowing certain repetitive and stuck thought processes to be broken. Divergent thinking (free thinking, out of the box) is activated and is able to create innovative ideas.

Depression and stress symptoms fade into the background with the use of psilocybin as microdosing. Not a black cloud hanging over you day and night. Rather, a clear cleared blue sky with free thoughts, where the opportunity is offered to live in the here and now. By taking small doses of psilocybin, you will absolutely not experience the violent effects that psychedelics are known for. The point of microdosing is precisely to take small measured doses with subtle mental effects. Say goodbye to indecision and welcome a new world that is not ruled by fears or mental obstacles.

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Get more out of life

Microdosing is an enrichment of your life and is already used for years in Silicon Valley to come up with cutting-edge ideas and to solve the world’s problems. One of the most famous scientists in the modern genetics is Francis Crick. Francis has been under the influence of psychedelics discovered the double helix structure of DNA and was awarded the highest award for scientists, the Nobel Prize.

The use of psilocybin goes back thousands of years and is honored by many shamans around the world because of its potency. operation. Think about gaining insights and fixing deep-seated emotional feelings. This magical truffle species is specially selected for their effects and cultivated for microdosing by experts who have decades of experience in truffle cultivation.

Are you willing to live in the here and now? Your mind free without having to deal with old wounds or with the pressure created by today’s performance-based society? Find your peace, more creativity and stress-resistance? Do you want more light in your depression and feel again what it’s like to embrace life here on Earth? Then don’t wait longer and try our unique and miraculous XP Microdosing psilocybin truffles!

XP Microdosing truffles are of excellent quality. After decades of research and testing into which truffle species lends itself best to microdosing, truffle experts have finally managed to grow a unique and suitable balanced truffle species. The entire cultivation process, up to and including the vacuum packaging of these magical truffles, is entirely in-house. This makes it possible to carry out constant checks to ensure quality.

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Expensive "State of The Art" machinery meets all hygienic standards and quality requirements to repel any bacteria from the outside. The XP Microdosing truffles are 100% organic, grown and processed in a large farm in the beautiful Dutch countryside. Open Your Mind and experience what it's like to go through life with a free spirit!

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