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What types of all in grow kits can you buy from us ?

In our online smartshop you can grow different types of mushrooms yourself such as the Mexican mushroom, Golden Teacher, McKennaii, B+ mushrooms, and many more. The all-in-one grow kits, which you can buy from us, are developed in such a way that you only need to follow a few steps. So this means that it is extremely easy to grow magic mushrooms yourself. In fact, you don’t have to work with mushroom spores to grow your own mycelium. Thus, the all-in-one grow kit is the solution for users who want to enjoy a mind-blowing trip with magic mushrooms as soon as possible.

How do I grow my own magic mushrooms?

Growing magic mushrooms is very easy. All you have to do is follow the steps in the All-In-One psilocybe mushroom grow kit manual. Even if you choose other grow kits, the most important thing is to work hygienically. Make sure you have washed your hands thoroughly and also that you are wearing a mouth mask. Scalpels, scissors and also other grow-tools should be kept very clean.

How many mushrooms can I grow with an all-in-one grow kit?

The All-In-One grow kits in our online smartshop are available in 1200cc. This means that, under the right conditions, you can grow 400/500 grams of mushrooms. Once you are more experienced in growing mushrooms, then an all-in-one mushroom grow kit can provide about four flushes.

Mushroom drying after cultivation

Mushrooms, like “normal” mushrooms, have a shelf life. So if you’re not going to use all the mushrooms right away, you can also dry them. This extends the shelf life considerably and allows you to keep growing until the grow kit is exhausted. A mushroom loses about 90 percent of its weight when you start drying them. So if you want to start tripping with 30 grams of fresh mushrooms, you will need 3 grams of dried mushrooms.

Can you microdose with magic mushrooms?

In particular, magic truffles are known for microdosing. Yet it is also possible to microdose magic mushrooms. However, you do then have to dry and weigh the mushrooms. Is this too much of a hassle? Then we also have weighed fresh truffles for microdosing. This means you can use it immediately.

How do you store the All-In-One mushroom grow kit?

You can store the grow kits in a clean refrigerator. Nevertheless, we recommend setting up the All-In-One mushroom grow kit immediately.

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