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Have you ever wondered how much psilocybin a magic truffle or homegrown magic mushroom contains? With the Psilo-Q test, you can now easily discover this for yourself at home. In just half an hour, you can get an accurate estimate of psilocybin concentration from the comfort of your own kitchen. This test kit is one of a kind and offers amazing precision, almost comparable to the results of specialized laboratory tests (HPLC) with only a small deviation of less than 10%.

Box contents

  • Safety Gloves
  • Plastic extraction vial with screw cap
  • Glass vial with tight-fitting lid and septum
  • Injection syringe of 1 ml
  • Blunt cannula
  • Sterifilt (filter for the syringe)
  • Manual in 4 simple steps + comprehensive manual.

Test your Mushrooms or Truffles in Four Simple Steps

Preliminary work

Start with a clean start. Take all the supplies from your test kit, clean your hands and arms, and put on the gloves provided. Make sure your work area is sanitized and clean, such as your kitchen countertop. Weigh a sample of about 150 mg. Warm up a liter of water, but make sure it doesn’t boil, because psilocybin dissolves in boiling water!
Additional tip: For optimal results, weigh an amount slightly above your desired dose. Use the recommended mushroom and truffle calculator. Grind this amount for the test.

Extraction process

Pour the pulverized mushrooms or truffles into the extraction vial, secure the cap and shake briefly. Let the vial rest for a while and repeat this process a few times. Then attach the sterifilt to your syringe and draw 1 ml of liquid with it. Remove the sterifilt, attach the cannula and inject the liquid into a glass jar. Use caution: avoid direct contact of the syringe with the liquid and provide an air fill to prevent splashing.

Color test

Place the jar in warm water (make sure it doesn’t boil!). The liquid in the jar will change color. Wait about 15 minutes before viewing the final result. Watch out for the hot glass!

Analyzing Results

You should now observe a color variation between beige and brown in your jar. Use the color scale provided to determine the psilocybin concentration per gram. Against a white background and good light, you see the color best. Depending on the color, you can determine the strength of your dosage.

Storage and shelf life

Store the box in the refrigerator between 2 °C and 8 °C. That way your stuff will keep for 12 months. The extraction solution may turn a little yellow after a while, but it does not matter for use.

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