Bulk truffles – 250 Grams



Psilocybe Bulk Truffles

Looking for a larger quantity of truffles to take on a spiritual journey with your friends? Then you might consider purchasing a bulk package of truffles. The bulk has a weight of 250 grams and are vacuumed. These are either 10 extreme or 16 mild trips. The truffles are vacuum packed and are good for at least 10 to 12 weeks after receiving them.

What magic trip truffles do we offer in bulk?

We offer as many as 5 different truffle varieties, namely:

Atlantis magic truffles

The world will then look and feel different with the Atlantis truffles. Colorful visuals, euphoric and philosophical. You will also find that you have more energy and can process information faster. Want a philosophical trip? Then you take some more truffles. You may start to gain inner insights you never experienced before.

Mexican magic truffles

Mexicana Truffles are very suitable for beginning trippers. This is because they are somewhat milder than most other magic truffles. It enhances your mood. If you are comfortable in your skin then you can count on happy trip. You get more energy, your senses start working stronger and stronger. Colors become bright, sounds you will not only hear but feel in your body, and most of all you will become very excited.

Pajaritos magic truffles

The Pajaritos Truffles are a little weaker visually but my god what a laugh these truffles are. It makes you incredibly happy. Medium strength ensures that you will notice a change in mind and thoughts. You can hardly stop laughing and it makes you incredibly energetic. You will feel shivers throughout your body that give you a nice intense feeling.

Tampanensis magic truffles

One of the most famous truffle species are the Tampanensis Truffles. These truffles were discovered as early as 1977 by Steven Pollock. This happened in America near Tampa which is located in the state of Florida. This is a rare mushroom species. From that one and first Tampanensis Truffle that was discovered, all other Tampanensis Truffles are now derived through spores.

Utopia magic truffles

Want more than a normal truffle trip? Then choose the Utopia Truffles. This is one of the strongest truffles on the planet. So a fantastic trip is guaranteed. They are not only strong in the area of hallucination, but also enhance your creativity and philosophical field. They are so intense that they score the maximum in every area. The hallucinations are incredibly strong.

Product warning

  • Do not use Mushroom truffles if you are in a bad mood, depressed, psychotic or otherwise mentally biased. Magic truffles are not suitable for minors or pregnant women, nor is it wise to drive or operate heavy machinery under the influence of psilocybin.
  • Mushroom truffles should never be used in conjunction with alcohol or other drugs (prescribed or illegal). Start with a small dose and make sure you are comfortable with your company and environment.
  • All of our Magic Mushroom Truffles are freshly packaged. You should keep them in the refrigerator. Unopened, you can keep them in the refrigerator for about 2 months. Once opened, however, truffles can only be stored for a few days.

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