What is an infrared sauna and what are its health benefits?


Warmth generally does people good. Not for nothing do the majority of people like summer more than winter. In the infrared sauna, you can enjoy a pleasant heat that penetrates deeply into your muscles whenever you want. A visit to the sauna can bring many benefits, from wonderful relaxation to reducing muscle pain. In this blog, read more about the health benefits of the infrared sauna.

What exactly is an infrared sauna?

There are different types of saunas and all have a different effect. Many people are familiar with the Finnish sauna and the steam sauna. The Finnish sauna is known for its high temperatures averaging 80 to 100 degrees. In the steam sauna the humidity is very high and therefore there is a dense fog in the sauna. Because of the high temperatures and the fact that the air is can feel very hot, not everyone finds these saunas very pleasant.


The infrared sauna works differently. In the sauna are panels which emit light in the infrared spectrum. These do not heat the air, but objects like your body. Therefore, the environment becomes pleasant only warm and you feel the warmth of the radiation deep into your muscles. And that is perfectly safe. There are three types of radiation: short, medium and long wave radiation. In the infrared sauna, only long and medium-length wave emitters used.


The warmth of this radiation feels pleasant. It can be the activate sweat glands, which does cause you to sweat. But most people find an infrared sauna better than the Finnish or steam sauna. You can enjoy it longer and reap the health benefits as a result that an infrared sauna can entail. 

The possible health benefits of the infrared sauna

Going into an infrared sauna regularly is good for the body and mind. It can have a positive effect on your skin, your resistance, on stress and fatigue and can help if you have muscle pain.

Better blood flow to the skin

In the infrared sauna, your skin gets nice and warm. The direct heat causes you to sweat, which can have health benefits. Sweating can help shed dead skin cells and impurities in the skin. The skin is well supplied with blood, which helps to attract additional nutrients. This has a positive effect on skin structure. Your skin feels soft and supple and looks healthy after an infrared sauna. Improved blood flow can also potentially relieve skin problems such as acne, psoriasis and eczema.

For stress and fatigue

The sauna is a moment for yourself. It is recommended that when you go to the sauna, make sure you cannot be disturbed. Then you can also really take a break from your worries. Because of the warmth, you feel you can relax deeply physically and mentally. Stress slips away from you. Sitting in a small space helps you get to yourself better. Sometimes you can also use color therapy (colored lights) and/or play a meditation or nature sounds. This will make you unwind even better. After a session in an infrared sauna, you feel more relaxed and more able to take on the world.

Do you suffer a lot from stress and fatigue? Then try microdosing as well. It can boost your energy levels and can help you become more resilient to stress. You can read more about the benefits of microdosing here.


Because the heat from an infrared sauna penetrates deep into your body, you get hot and sweat. This process can help your body get rid of accumulated toxins, for example, harmful metals (mercury, cadmium and lead). But also substances such as nicotine, alcohol and components of medications. So going to the sauna regularly can have health benefits because it is purifying. Remember to drink extra water after a sauna visit to replenish lost fluids.

Relief from muscle pain

As you could read earlier, infrared sauna stimulates blood flow. This brings benefits to the muscles. When you have exercised vigorously, you may experience muscle soreness. This is caused by a buildup of lactic acid in the muscles. When you sit in the sauna, the increased blood flow allows these waste products to be drained faster, which can speed up recovery. So it is a good practice to have a relaxing session in the infrared sauna after exercising. By the way, the heat can also bring relief from other pain, such as joint pain due to rheumatism, bursitis and fibromyalgia.

Muscle pain can also be caused or aggravated by a mineral deficiency, such as magnesium or vitamin B12. Check our shop for a natural supplement to supplement deficiencies.

Good habits for good health

Everyone can benefit from regular visits to the sauna. It is an important part of daily life in many cultures for good reason. Think of Finland, Russia and also many native peoples, who used a sweat lodge to create a simple version of the sauna. We feel good with heat, so why not give yourself a nice sauna session on a regular basis? If you would like to enjoy the health benefits of infrared sauna, you can go to a wellness resort. Another option is to buy your own infrared cabin so you can enjoy it whenever you want. A simpler version of the sauna is the infrared lamp, which comes in different sizes. Even with that, you can already benefit from the fine warmth of infrared.

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