Facing your greatest fears with psilocybin


Whether you are young or old, or rich or poor, everyone can face deep-seated fears. Many people struggle with questions such as: why are we on earth, what is the purpose of my life? And even death can evoke fears. Such feelings can have a great impact on your well-being and can even lead to an existential crisis. Research shows that psilocybin (the mind-altering substance in magic mushrooms) can help face these worst fears.

Research on psilocybin for anxiety

Recently, a groundbreaking study was conducted, showing that psilocybin therapy, combined with group therapy, can help people who are long-term sick with AIDS. They often suffer from demoralization, anxiety and feelings of loss. Other good news on the psilocybin front, is the decision by Canada’s Minister of Health. This one authorized four incurably ill patients to use psilocybin. With this, they can try to relieve their intense existential anxiety and stress.

Some studies have already been done on the use of psilocybin as therapy for people who are terminally ill. Still, this decision is an important step forward because this is the first time in Canada that a lawful medical exemption has been granted for the use of psilocybin since 1970. This may pave the way for more treatments and research. Because let’s face it: Who doesn’t struggle from time to time with fears about mortality, about the meaning of life? Everyone faces this at some point during his or her life.

What is an existential crisis?

We all sometimes worry about death or how meaningful life is. But when you suffer greatly from such fears, you can speak of an existential crisis. An existential crisis means struggling with the meaning of life. You feel uncertain about where you are going, what your life is for, and you may fear death. Answers to such questions are not easy to find. These fears and worries can have a negative impact on your life.

The symptoms of an existential crisis are:

  • Withdrawing, being less social
  • Little energy
  • Less motivation
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Worry

An existential crisis can be caused by anything. You may have been struggling with feelings of dissatisfaction for some time. You may also have had to deal with unexpected events, major changes and that with them came feelings of a loss of control.

How do you deal with these kinds of feelings? It is not taught to us in school. Often such questions about life remain in the background. Many people seek distraction, money can be a buffer (you can buy nice things that make you feel good for a while). Addiction is also a way to avoid feeling the negative feelings of an existential crisis. However, you will not penetrate to the core with this and will not come to answers.

However, you can also see an existential crisis as an opportunity. An opportunity to reconnect with your own values and goals. You can reshape and redirect your life. Psilocybin could help with this.

Research on the effects of psilocybin

Facing your greatest fears can be overwhelming. This is also why most people prefer to look the other way. Yet these fears often return. By using mind-altering substances, such as psilocybin, you may find that you become more open to experiences. Research shows that people suffer less from avoidance, both in behavior and in thoughts. They are better able to face these fears.

research it also appears that psilocybin can help “open” the brain. Scientists made a model of the brain under the influence of psilocybin. This reveals that this substance causes the brain to produce more neurotransmitters and a feedback loop to activity of neurons. This allows your brain to access previously untapped potential.

This influence of psilocybin is one of the reasons it has mind-altering effects. But it also clarifies why it can be used as a means of treating conditions such as depression. Research on this is still in its infancy. Scientists are only just beginning to understand how all this works. For example, psilocybin appears to mimic the effects of serotonin. This neurotransmitter is associated with feelings of satisfaction and happiness. But according to Kringelbach, a researcher at the University of Oxford, it does more than that.

Psilocybin can make more connections between different areas in the brains of depressed people. From
research it turns out that it helps them break free from ingrained thought patterns, from fretting and excessive focus on themselves. It seems that for this reason psychedelics like psilocybin can be used to treat depressive symptoms and other disorders. It can help break fixed patterns of thinking. And in this way, it can also potentially help alleviate an existential crisis and its accompanying fears.

Ways to use psilocybin

Do you dare and face your greatest fears? Psilocybin can help you discover your own inner self. A trip with magic mushrooms or truffles can be a mystical experience, where you feel totally connected to the world. It can give you a new vision of life, of your own place on earth. As a result, fears can subside, you can feel liberated and satisfied.

If you want to start using mushrooms, you can use a grow kit from
All-in-One or Fresh-Mushrooms purchase in our shop. With a grow kit you can very easily grow your own mushrooms at home. Choose a mushroom for beginners if you have never used before, such as the Mexican or the Thai mushroom. If you use fresh mushrooms, then a dose of 10 grams is sufficient for a mild trip. If you take dried, 1 or 2 grams will suffice.

microdosing is a good option for dealing with anxiety better. In doing so, take a very small dose of psilocybin, so you won’t notice any mind-altering effects. Still, the substance will have a subtle effect on you, and you may find after a few days or weeks that you handle your fears and negative thoughts differently. However you go about it, hopefully psilocybin can give you a new vision of life in which you can face your fears calmly.

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