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Would you like to order microdosing products? Via Dutchmicrodosing.com you can order quickly and easily from Portugal.

Most people know that shopping online is fun, easy and fast. No matter where you live, you can always find what you’re looking for. Are you interested in microdosing products and do you live in Portugal? Then you can go to dutchmicrodosing.com. We offer microdosing products from Microdosing XP, which are convenient to use and of the highest quality. Each dose is individually wrapped. So if you take a dose, you know the rest will last a long time. If you order your microdosing truffles, we will make sure they arrive quickly and safely packaged.

Microdosing is popular, also in Portugal

The benefits of microdosing are becoming known to more and more people. You can benefit from it in business, but also privately and it has a positive effect on body and mind. Therefore, the popularity of microdosing is rapidly increasing, including in Portugal. That’s not surprising. Microdosing with truffles means you can support your health with a natural remedy. In Portugal, science is also getting interested and more and more scientific research is being done on the benefits of microdosing. This can help to clarify what it can all be used for and exactly what the benefits are. But you can already benefit from microdosing, by ordering today at dutchmicrodosing.com

What is microdosing with truffles or magic mushrooms?

Mushrooms and truffles are known for their ability to trip. They cause hallucinations, allowing you to see, hear and feel things that are not actually there. This mind-altering effect is caused by the substance psilocybin. However, this substance has even more potential: it can have a positive effect on health. You can if you take a very small amount, a microdose.
That’s the idea behind microdosing. You can therefore benefit from the advantages of psilocybin, but by taking such a micro dose, you will not suffer from any mind-altering effects. So you only take a tenth of a normal dose. The psilocybin can in this way influence your body and mind in a very subtle way. Microdosing will not make you feel completely different all of a sudden, but you will notice small changes over time.

It is recommended to microdose for at least 8 to 10 weeks. Give it time. After that period you can look back and see for yourself what differences you can notice. If you want to microdose, it is wise to take your dose in the morning on an empty stomach. You will then get the most benefit from the psilocybin. You see, it may give you energy. If you take your dose at night, you may not be able to sleep.

What can you use microdosing truffles for?

Many people use microdosing to support their health. So you can take it with physical, but also with mental complaints. Microdosing with truffles is used for headaches or migraines, but also for stress complaints, insomnia and ADHD. Furthermore, microdosing can have a positive effect on anxiety, shyness and poor concentration.

However, it does not work like a paracetamol. The influence of microdosing is subtle and will not be immediate. It may take some time before you notice a change. You can see this in your study results for example, that you have more energy and can concentrate better. People often notice that they are more productive and feel better about themselves. Users report feeling better about themselves. Microdosing often works well with anxiety as well: You may find that you worry less and are better able to let go of things you used to feel anxious about. With social anxiety you can feel more confident and in general your resistance to stress improves.

Microdosing is a process that works differently for everyone, and everyone can therefore react differently. That is why it is always important to listen carefully to your body’s signals. If you do not feel well, it is wise to adjust the dose.

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Here's how to handle microdosing

Microdosing is made really easy by Microdosing XP. You don’t have to weigh your dose yourself: a pack contains 6 individually packaged doses. So you will never take too much or too little. It is useful to use a certain routine, such as the Fadiman routine. This gives you something to hold on to: on day 1 you take a dose, on days 2 and 3 you take nothing, so that you can experience the reaction of your body properly. Day 4 is another microdosing day.

If you follow this routine for 8 to 10 weeks, Fadiman recommends taking a 2-week break. Look back over the period you microdosed (it can be helpful to take notes, so you can get a better understanding of how you felt during that time). How much did you suffer from stress or sleep problems? Were your headaches less or your concentration better? By taking structured notes, you become more aware of the subtle changes that can take place. If you like it, you can continue microdosing after two weeks.

Shopping at Dutchmicrodosing.com

Our offer in the webshop is not limited to truffles for microdosing. On Dutchmicrodosing.com you will find a wide range of products that are beneficial for body and mind. In addition to organically grown truffles, we offer Fresh Mushrooms grow kits, medicinal mushrooms, nutritional supplements and organic truffles. There is a lot to choose from, take a look around and order what you need to support your health.

Everything for your health at www.dutchmicrodosing.com

If you want to order microdosing truffles or other health products, take a look in the webshop. We will handle your order with care. It will be sent to Portugal in a safe and neutral packaging. On average it takes between 3 and 5 working days for a package to arrive at your home in Portugal.

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