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In the Czech Republic, microdosing with truffles is also becoming increasingly popular. Fortunately, it is also very easy to get psilocybin truffles from the Czech Republic. Because we partner with Microdosing XP (they are the largest supplier of microdosing truffles) we can offer you the best microdosing products. These truffles are packaged individually so they stay fresh for a long time. And in doing so, you also know for sure that you are always taking the right dosage.

The growing popularity of microdosing in the Czech Republic

In the Czech Republic, natural medicine has always occupied an important place in daily life. People like to use the power of nature to support health, because by doing so you give the body itself a chance to heal. This is why there is a lot of interest in microdosing with truffles. This way of working appeals to many people. Fortunately, research into the possibilities of microdosing is underway in many countries. But also in the Czech Republic many people already use it, for physical and psychological complaints. Do you also want to start microdosing and experience the positive effects yourself? You can, by ordering from en.Dutchmicrodosing.com

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What is microdosing?

There are several psychoactive substances found in nature. In magic mushrooms, it is psilocybin that causes the mind-altering effects. This substance affects the way the brain works, allowing you to see, hear and feel things that are undetectable to others. Tripping is a special experience, one that can positively change your life. In doing so, the substance psilocybin can also bring many health benefits.

However, not everyone is comfortable with tripping. Microdosing allows you to still enjoy the benefits of psilocybin without hallucinating. A normal trip dose requires about 1 to 3 grams of dried mushrooms. When microdosing, you only take a tenth of this. The influence of psilocybin is then subtle, you can function normally, but can benefit from the effects of the substance.

Generally, microdosing involves the use of a schedule, which was created by James Fadiman. This schedule (it’s called a routine) gives you something to hold on to while microdosing. In fact, you don’t take a dose every day to avoid getting used to the substance. You follow the routine for 8 to 10 weeks and then evaluate how it went. It is not possible to say for sure what the effect of microdosing with truffles will be. Each person is unique and reacts in their own way.

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When can you use microdosing truffles?

Microdosing is used by people for various complaints or conditions. For example, you can use it for pain, anxiety, stress, fatigue or lack of creativity. The impact of microdosing with truffles cannot be compared to regular medication. It does not act like a painkiller, making pain disappear immediately. The effect of microdosing is subtle, you do notice change, but it’s not that it’s very noticeable.

For example, you can use microdosing for anxiety, such as fear of failure or social anxiety (shyness). Microdosing can help you feel calmer, in situations where you would have otherwise panicked. People experience that they feel more comfortable and at ease with others and that they have more self-confidence. If you suffer from stress, microdosing can also help. It can increase your stress tolerance. Both in work and personal situations, you can use microdosing for support.

Many people use this natural remedy to support their creativity, improve their concentration and have more energy. Everyone has those days when they have trouble getting out of bed and have absolutely no energy to start work or study. That’s where microdosing can come in handy. People report feeling more motivated and having more energy. This allows them to get more done in a day.

What you can use microdosing for:

  • Feeling good in your skin
  • Stimulating creativity
  • Sleeping Better
  • Improved concentration
  • Analgesia
  • Relax, even in stressful situations
  • Less burden of anxiety
  • More energy
  • May help with depression
  • Positive effect on motivation

Dosing microdosing truffles

Microdosing is something you do by feel. The idea is to find a dose that fits you, that you feel optimal with. The microdosing truffles come ready-to-use in the package and you can use them just like that. However, it is still important to see if this works well for you. If you are using the Fadiman routine, you will start with a dose on day 1. On the second and third day, do not take a dose. On these days, take the time to observe what the microdose does to you.

On the fourth day, you do take another dose. In this way, you can continue the routine until you have done this for 8 to 10 weeks. Then it’s time to look back. It may be a good idea to keep a journal of sorts during microdosing, writing down what you notice. This way, you can better ascertain what the effect of microdosing has been. After following the routine, take a 2-week break. If you like it, then you can start another cycle after that.

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