Whole Root Ashwagandha – 30 Caps


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Together’s ashwagandha supplement comes from the Rajasthan region of northern India, an area famous for its ideal conditions for growing high-quality ashwagandha. The herb is sought after for its adaptogenic qualities, which can help support the body under stressful conditions. Its production is notable for its use of a unique extraction method that does not use synthetic solvents, producing an extract with a high concentration of the active ingredients and preserving the integrity of the herb’s natural components.

A notable feature of Together’s Whole Root Ashwagandha is its exceptionally high percentage of withanolides, which make up more than 5% of the extract, making it one of the most potent ashwagandha products on the market. Withanolides are the main bioactive components in ashwagandha that contribute to its adaptogenic effects.

Nutritional values per capsule

Ashwagandha 500 mg


  • Organic KSM-66® Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera whole root extract)
  • Vegecap (vegetable cellulose)


Caution is advised in people with hyperthyroidism or severe liver disease with the use of ashwagandha. Before use, consult your physician or pharmacist if you are taking medication (antidepressants), have liver disease, thyroid disease and/or are taking thyroid hormones.


Together Whole Root Ashwagandha – 30 Caps

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