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In the search for natural ways to improve our health, the medicinal mushroom Maitake (Grifola Frondosa) is increasingly in the spotlight. This particular organism is not only a flavorful addition to culinary dishes, but also offers various medicinal benefits. Maitake has been used for centuries in traditional medicine to treat various conditions. MCMyco offers this medicinal mushroom in an easy-to-swallow capsule form. For added effectiveness, we have enriched our Maitake Resistance capsules with Vitamin C and Zinc. Both Vitamin C and Zinc help ensure good resistance and aid the immune system.

What can you use the Maitake mushroom for?

  • One of the most well-known benefits of Maitake is the strengthening of the immune system. It contains polysaccharides, specifically beta-glucans, which help modulate the immune system.
  • Several studies suggest that Maitake has anti-cancer properties. Although more research is needed, preliminary studies show that it can inhibit tumor growth and promote well-being in people undergoing cancer treatments.
  • Maitake could also play a role in regulating blood sugar levels, which could be beneficial for people with diabetes.

Maitake Mushroom Effects on the Body: McMyco Maitake

The Maitake mushroom, also known as Grifola frondosa, is a type of fungal fruit body traditionally used in Asian cuisine and medicine. In recent years, scientific studies have drawn attention to the potential health benefits of this mushroom. McMyco Maitake is a high-quality supplement containing the extracts of this fascinating mushroom. Below are some of the positive effects the Maitake mushroom can have on the body.

Immune Strengthening

Maitake is known for its potential to boost the immune system. It contains beta-glucans, which are known for their ability to increase the activity of white blood cells. These cells play a crucial role in defending the body against viruses and bacteria.

Antioxidant Effect

The mushroom contains antioxidants that neutralize free radicals. Free radicals can cause cellular damage and have been linked to aging and several types of diseases, including cancer.

Blood sugar support

Some studies suggest that the Maitake mushroom may help regulate blood sugar levels, which may be especially beneficial for people with diabetes or insulin resistance.

Promotion of Mental Health

Although more research is needed, some studies suggest that Maitake extracts may have a calming effect and help reduce stress and anxiety.

Possible Anticancer Properties

Early studies have shown that Maitake extracts may have the ability to inhibit the growth of cancer cells. Although it should not be considered a replacement for conventional cancer treatments, it can be used as a complementary therapy.

Improvement of Digestion

The mushroom contains fiber and enzymes that can help improve digestion and a healthy gut microbiome.

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McMyco guarantees the quality of their products, which are grown organically and sustainably. With an easy-to-navigate website and fast delivery, it’s easier than ever to get McMyco Maitake directly to your home. Do be careful if you have allergies, in case of pregnancy or breastfeeding. Then it is advisable to ask your doctor for advice. Buy this supplement quickly and easily in our shop in a pack of 120 capsules.


400 mg organic Maitake (Grifola Frondosa) extract of 100% fruit body. It is a full-spectrum extract obtained by means of H2O and ethanol. This is to get the most out of the fruiting bodies. It contains 30% polysaccharides and beta glucans. Vitamin C, Zinc. Excipients: magnesium citrate, silicon dioxide.

Excipients: magnesium citrate and silicon dioxide
Dosage: 2 x daily 1 capsule during meals with water.
Contents : 120 capsules

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