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Mondo Atlantis truffles offer users the chance to enter the ancient and mystical world of psychedelics in a safe, controlled way. Originating from nature itself, these truffles allow a subtle yet powerful connection to the mind, giving users insight and clarity without overwhelming effects. The Mondo Atlantis microdosing contains carefully selected High Quality Truffles. There are 10 sachets of 1 gram in the box so you can consume exactly enough.

Benefits of microdosing

  • Less anxiety and stress
  • Improved concentration and focus
  • Enhanced creativity
  • Quitting other (bad) habits

The Atlantis Magic Truffle is a household name, making it the favorite among more experienced users.

Storage advice

Store your Mondo Microdosing truffles in a refrigerator with a temperature around 2 to 4 degrees celcius. Be sure to check the expiration date listed on the package to see how long they will keep.


10 sachets of 1 gram vacuum packed.


Do not use Mondo Microdosing truffles:

  • In combination with alcohol or other drugs
  • When pregnant or breastfeeding
  • In combination with lithium carbonate
  • In the case of a mental or physical disorder and/or illness
  • In case of colour blindness

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