Research shows: not all mushrooms from a grow kit contain the same amount of psilocybin


Have you ever wondered if magic mushrooms from the same grow kit contain the same amount of psilocybin? You may have noticed that every trip is different, even if you have mushrooms from the same
grow kit
used. That may be a good thing, because research shows that the concentration of psilocybin can vary from one mushroom to another! We listed the facts for you.

Mushroom caps or stalks?

It’s a common question: are certain portions of magic mushrooms stronger than others? In other words, is there more psilocybin in the hats or just in the stalks? It’s an interesting question, and you can find the wildest stories about it on the Internet. But there is now research that answers this question about the amount of psilocybin in parts of magic mushrooms. This study is about the cubensis mushroom, the most commonly used mushroom.

In general, hats contain higher concentrations of psilocybin and psilocin. Tests were conducted on Psilocybe cubensis and Panaeolus copelandia (Hawaiian). On average, the caps contain twice as much psilocin as the stalks. Although the hats are more potent, this is of course no reason not to use the stalks. It would be a shame to pass those up!

But then there is the question of whether each mushroom from a grow kit contains the same amount of this mind-altering substance. As it turns out, magic mushrooms have another surprise up their sleeve.

Research on the amount of psilocybin in magic mushrooms

In a mushroom grow kit, almost all mushrooms grow under exactly the same conditions. There is uniform humidity and they receive equal amounts of light and nutrition. You would think, therefore, that the amount of psilocybin in magic mushrooms from the same grow kit would therefore be the same.

However, it turns out that this is not the case. Even with mushrooms standing right next to each other in a grow kit, one mushroom may be twice as strong as the other. The cause of this is age. In fact, how much psilocin a mushroom contains is determined in part by when it is harvested.

You harvest mushrooms in a grow kit all at the same time, when most of the mushrooms are ripe. However, it is not true that all mushrooms will then be ready for harvest; there will always be a few that are picked too early. One consequence is that those just too young magic mushrooms then do not contain as much psilocybin. As a result, the concentrations of mind-altering substances can therefore vary from one mushroom to another.

In addition, it is also notable that mushrooms become more potent the more flushes you get from a grow kit. A flush is a harvest. A grow kit can be restarted after a harvest, after which mushrooms can grow again. Research seems to indicate, that the mushrooms from a later flush contain greater concentrations of psilocin, but not more psilocybin. So it is definitely worth going for another flush after your first harvest. Not only because you will get more mushrooms, but also because they will give more powerful trips.

Variations psilocybin between grow kits

Also notable is that the amount of psilocin and psilocybin can vary considerably between grow kits containing the same types of mushrooms, research shows. This was studied, for example, with Psilocybe cubensis. The average amount of psilocin was between 0.2 and 5 mg per gram of magic mushrooms. The difference between the lowest and highest concentrations is enormous, a factor of 25. For psilocybin, the differences are less, but still average a factor of 5.

It was found that these variations occurred in all types of mushrooms tested. As a result, the most potent mushroom of a normally mild strain may contain more psilocin than the weakest specimen of a very potent strain, such as azurescens or Hawaiian.

What can you do with this information?

Experienced cosmonauts may have always known that one mushroom, is not the other. Not only is it the case that magic mushrooms contain varying amounts of mind-altering substances, due to being harvested too early or too late. Of course, the growing conditions themselves also play a role and, as you now know, whether you have mushrooms from a first or later flush. In addition, of course, it remains a natural product, where fluctuations may occur naturally.

You may not mind these fluctuations. If you prefer a more even trip, you can accommodate these differences in concentrations of psychedelic substances by mixing mushrooms from multiple harvests and of different ages. Take large and small mushrooms, so you will always get an average strong trip.

Another options is to dry your mushrooms. After that, you can also grind them and then mix this powder of a whole crop well. Again, this assures you of a mix with a nice, medium concentration of psilocybin. If the trip is not intense enough to your liking, then you will know that it is due to too low a dose and not to your choice of particular mushrooms from the set. Next time, take a slightly higher dose so you do enjoy your trip to the fullest.

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