Cordyceps Mushroom Powder Organic


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Cordyceps militaris is not just another mushroom; it is a superfood with exceptional nutritional values and health benefits. The fact that it is 100% organic and pure, with no genetic modifications or artificial additives, makes it a trusted source of nutrition for those seeking natural supplements. Cordyceps Mushroom Powder Organic makes use not only easy, but also versatile; you can simply mix the powder in your favorite drink, sprinkle it over a meal or include it in recipes.

But what makes it truly remarkable are the nutrients it contains. With vitamins like B1, B2, B12, E and K, it is a rich source for maintaining our energy levels, supporting our nerve function and promoting healthy skin. In addition, the minerals potassium, calcium and magnesium provide essential support for our muscles, bones and heart function. The presence of amino acids – the building blocks of proteins – further contributes to the overall health boost offered by Cordyceps. Adding Cordyceps militaris to your diet means embracing an ancient natural source of vitality and well-being.


Cordyceps mushroom powder Organic.


  • Cordyceps powder has a sweet bitter taste and can be used in tea, in yogurt or smoothies.
  • They are also available in capsule form as mushroom supplements.
  • The recommended dosage of cordyceps may vary, but is generally between 1 and 3 grams per day. Are you taking any medications? If so, always consult your doctor before use and discuss your dose of cordyceps powder.

Storage advice

Store this product in a dark cool place such as a kitchen cabinet and out of the reach of children.


Cordyceps mushroom powder Organic – 100 grams.

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