5 Misconceptions about microdosing

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Microdosing and your health

Microdosing allows you to work on your health and it can have very positive results. Some people notice an improvement in their energy, others in their mood. But it may happen that you don’t notice it or find that it doesn’t work enough. One of the problems that plays into this is that there are some persistent misconceptions going around about microdosing. This creates enormously high expectations, for example that you will notice an immediate effect or that you will get rid of your symptoms completely. If you want to microdose, it’s a good idea to adjust your expectations. Read about the 5 most common misconceptions about microdosing here.

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Misconception 1: You don't feel it's working right away

Some people who go microdosing have the idea that a microdose only starts to work after several weeks of ingestion. But this is not true. When you take the first dose you will feel the psilocybin start to work within a few hours. Rest assured you will experience absolutely no trip or violent effects here the dose is far too small for this. We are not saying that ailments or depressions will disappear like snow in the sun after taking 1 dose, this takes time. It is incredibly important to microdose for a longer period of time in a row so that the mind has time to change. It is of great importance that you observe yourself carefully during the cure and note the subtle mental changes where necessary(microdosing diary). After all, you want to be able to say at the end of the cure exactly what changes microdosing truffles have brought you.

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Misconception 2: You won't trip from microdosing

Microdosing is not supposed to make you trippy. However, this is not out of the question, especially if you compose your own dose from, say, your own cultivated mushrooms or truffles and do not use an accurate scale. For microdosing, you only need a tenth of a normal dose. That means taking only 1 gram of dried mushrooms or truffles. If you take too much, you may end up tripping. Some people are also more sensitive than they expect to be, which can also be a reason that you may feel the hallucinatory effects. If you want to microdose safely and easily, use Microdosing XP organic truffles. These are pre-packaged in convenient 1 gram instant microdoses.

Misconception 3: I don't have to do anything myself anymore

A major reason microdosing sometimes doesn’t work as expected is because people think this drug will solve everything for them. You take the microdose and all your problems are over. But whatever your complaint is, you will have to work on it yourself. For example, your shyness will not go away on its own if you do not try to gain more insight into your own behavior and thoughts. Microdosing is a powerful tool, but you will have to use the push you get from it to move forward. So keep a journal, try meditation or mindfulness and increase your understanding of yourself.


Misconception 4: Microdosing always produces positive effects

Microdosing works subtly, it is true, but the effects are not positive in everyone. The psilocybin (or ayahuasca or mescaline or whatever drug you are using) can also amplify the problems you are struggling with. The substance you take then acts like a flashlight, shedding bright light on your symptoms. As a result, you gain more insight into your issues, you know where your challenge lies. This is not always easy, as the feelings that can be released can be quite intense. But it does give you the tools to get started. Be careful though. If your feelings or symptoms are too intense, you can try lowering your dose or temporarily stopping microdosing. Sometimes that can actually help you take a step forward.

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Misconception 5: Microdosing always works the same

Does microdosing help for your stress one week, but the following week you suddenly feel all fired up again? You may be wondering if microdosing doesn’t always work the same then? That’s one of misconceptions about microdosing: that it should always have the same effect. However, you are a unique person and what you experience varies from day to day. Your reactions and your emotions also differ. Microdosing acts like a lens and can magnify your feelings. You might go with the flow more smoothly one week than the next. But is that because of the microdosing or because of the human being? If you have found the right dose, then microdosing will do its job. Use that support at your back and dive into your own inner world to get clearer about what is going on. What are your emotions telling you, what are you struggling with? There is so much to learn and microdosing can be your teacher that helps you gain more insight.

If you are going to microdose, be aware of your expectations and then let them go. Go into your microdosing journey with an open mind, so that you can ascertain the (subtle) effects as objectively as possible. If you want to know more, we have listed a lot of information about microdosing, such as the benefits, how it works, and medical applications.

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