Magnesium and microdosing: a perfect pair


Can magnesium help with microdosing truffles?

Most people who engage in microdosing also tend to be very concerned with their mental and physical health in general. They often use supplements in addition to microdosing. One of the supplements that can be of great benefit when microdosing is magnesium. This mineral is essential for good health and can well support the action of magic truffles or magic mushrooms.

Magnesium and microdosing: what are the benefits?

Almost everyone knows some minerals that are important to the body. Think calcium, iron and also magnesium. Magnesium is an essential mineral needed by the body to function properly. It plays a role in the health of your bones and regulating stable blood sugar and blood pressure, as well as being necessary for relaxation.

If you have enough magnesium in your system, this mineral can help prevent PMS symptoms, migraines, osteoporosis and heart attacks.

Furthermore, it is important for positive mood, brain, muscle and nerve functioning and healthy energy levels. So besides the fact that magnesium is very important for staying healthy, it can bring special benefits to people who microdose and, in fact, to anyone who is open to personal growth.


Magnesium supports the body for optimal relaxation. It is necessary to maintain balance and allow both muscles and the mind to unwind. The nervous system is involved in the stress response, and magnesium is one of the minerals that can cause your resistance to stress to increase. Microdosing is often done for anxiety and stress symptoms. Therefore, magnesium is an excellent fit here.


Many people use microdosing because they suffer from mood symptoms. Think gloom or depression. Magnesium can help stabilize mood and may help reduce symptoms.

Improved communication in the brain

The mineral magnesium enhances the firing of neurons and improves communication channels in the brain. The more effectively the brain works, the more creativity and the better concentration will be. Magnesium therefore supports cognitive functions. Again, this fits well with the goals many people have with microdosing.

More energy

A lack of energy is a common complaint. Magnesium functions as an enzyme in the body to support energy production. You need this energy to think, as well as to move and for your organs. A lack of energy can be the cause of certain diseases, as well as psychological and emotional complaints. Microdosing is often used for energy problems, but magnesium can support that process well.

The best sources of magnesium

If you want to get more magnesium, it is helpful to know what are good sources of this mineral. First, magnesium is found in many unprocessed natural products. These include whole grains, nuts (such as walnuts and cashews), legumes, dairy and meat and fish. What makes many people happy is that coffee is also a good source of magnesium. But it is not necessary to go out and drink large cups of coffee every day. One cup in the morning and one in the afternoon is enough. And dark chocolate gets you magnesium as well.

Some fruits also provide a lot of magnesium. Bananas in particular are known for this. Green leafy vegetables are good for getting more magnesium, such as spinach, turnip greens and kale. Avocados are also a good source of this mineral, and in addition, this fruit (because that’s what it is) also provides you with vitamin B6, copper, iron and folic acid!

Good sources of magnesium are thus:

  • Green leafy vegetables
  • Some fruits (bananas, oranges)
  • Whole grain cereals
  • Nuts, seeds and kernels
  • Meat and fish
  • Dairy
  • Legumes
  • Coffee and dark chocolate

Getting enough magnesium through food can be quite difficult. There are several reasons for this. First, not everyone eats fresh vegetables, meat, fish and dairy daily. In addition, of course, the question remains whether our food still contains so many minerals because of the way it is produced. Moreover, we also consume a lot of magnesium. If you suffer from a lot of stress, your body needs extra magnesium. Therefore, it may be beneficial to take a magnesium supplement.

Magnesium supplements

If you are microdosing with truffles or magic mushrooms and want to supplement with extra magnesium, we have Together’ s natural supplement for you. The magnesium comes from the sea water of the Dead Sea and contains the forms of magnesium naturally found in this sea water (hydroxide, carbonate, oxide, chloride and sulfate). Our bodies can recognize these natural sources better than other forms. As a result, the magnesium in this supplement is highly absorbable.

Magnesium is vital for the body and mind. If you support your health with microdosing, then magnesium can be a very valuable addition to this routine. This mineral plays a role in mood, energy, anxiety, stress and relaxation. You can provide extra magnesium through your diet or use a good quality supplement. With microdosing and magnesium, hopefully you can regain full balance.

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