Microdosing with a microdosing coach


If you are interested in microdosing, have you thought about doing it with a microdosing coach? Microdosing in itself is a beautiful and powerful way to work on yourself. You can use it for anxiety, stress, concentration problems or for breaking patterns. With additional guidance from a coach, you can get more out of your microdosing journey.

Why microdosing with a coach?

Microdosing is taking a supplement to support your health. You take a very small dose of a mind-altering drug (such as magic mushrooms or truffles). This dose is so low that it won’t make you trip. However, it does affect your body. This makes it suitable for use in a variety of complaints.

Many people just use it on their own, without the guidance of a coach. But by choosing to microdose with a coach, you can make the process as effective as possible. After all, working on yourself is quite difficult. You often can’t see your own blind spots very well yourself. It can also be difficult to break patterns or change behaviors. The help of a coach can give you more insights and help you achieve the growth you want.

There are coaches who work in different ways. Some have specializations in breathwork, may recommend other helpful supplements or give you advice on meditations, mindfulness or exercise. Usually, the Fadiman routine is also used.

How does a microdosing coach work?

When looking for a coach, it is important to choose someone you feel completely comfortable with. Talking about your feelings, thoughts and goals in life only happens when you have a click with someone. Also find out how the person works. Does it involve online coaching and does that appeal to you? How many sessions does the course consist of? And also see how much experience someone has with microdosing coaching.

Many coaches work with a certain number of sessions, often three, over a period of 4 to 6 weeks. The coach encourages you to think about what you want to work on before the process begins. That way, while microdosing, you can work with an intention, your own personal goal. By keeping your goal in mind, you know what you are working toward, and at the end of the process you can properly determine if that goal has been achieved.

The coach may also use certain coaching techniques. Some will give you homework assignments in the process, or the idea is to keep a microdosing journal. That can be very useful. In it you describe your progress, how your symptoms are progressing and whether you are noticing progress in them.

What do you discuss during the coaching sessions?

As mentioned, each coach works in his or her own way. Still, there will be a certain line in the sessions.

First session

The first session is designed to get you acquainted and off to a good start with microdosing. The information will be practical and deal with which remedy is best for you. For example, will you go for truffles, magic mushrooms, mescaline or perhaps cannabis? You may have a preference yourself, but the coach can explain the various advantages and disadvantages.

Furthermore, the coach can also help determine the right dose and advise you on the protocol to follow. He or she can give tips on other things to consider (such as nutrition, sleep and the like). In addition, your intention (goal) is also discussed. After all this information, you can start microdosing yourself at home.

Second session

The second session takes place several weeks after the first. This will discuss how it has gone so far. Maybe you’ve run into things or the dosage doesn’t seem quite right. The coach helps you get your experiences clear and link them to your intention. You can now go deeper into what you want to work on. Look closely at your patterns and habits and whether you are living the life you want. If you have gained new insights, you can integrate them into your life with the help of the coach.

Last session

Now you can go on by yourself again, until the final session a few weeks later. It’s time for another review. How did it go and what do you still need to move forward? Have you run into resistances? Where did these come from and what can you do with them? You look back on your microdosing journey with your coach and analyze what happened physically, mentally, socially and emotionally.

You will probably learn a lot about yourself. That’s something where a coach really adds value. This one can give you tools on how to use all these insights to take action, to transform. That’s something that’s a lot trickier if you’re just getting into microdosing. Who knows, you may be done with coaching now and be able to move on by yourself, but of course you can always request additional sessions.

Through microdosing and coaching, you have more tools to work on yourself. Coaching gives structure and a clear structure to the course. At the end, you will have a valuable backpack full of experiences. You can use these to actually make changes your life. Quit smoking, change jobs, use your newfound self-confidence to find a partner or start a new hobby. Whatever it is, microdosing with a coach can be the way to find your new self and start a new path in your life.

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