What terpenes are in CBD oil?


In addition to cannabinoids such as CBD, CBD oil contains other active ingredients, such as terpenes. Many plants produce these substances. They help protect the plant from predation and attract beneficial insects. But for humans, they can also bring health benefits. In this blog, therefore, we dive into the world of terpenes.

What exactly are terpenes?

Terpenes are common substances found in nature. Not only cannabis, but also thyme, lavender and oregano, for example, produce terpenes. We easily recognize these plants by their distinctive and often attractive scent. It is also this scent that has a useful function for the plant.

Strong odors can attract or deter insects, herbivores and bacteria. That way, the plant is better protected from eating and disease. And beneficial insects can help with reproduction. Terpenes also support plant health. So they are certainly useful for the plants themselves. But when you use full-spectrum CBD oil, you too can benefit from the fact that it contains different terpenes.

It is now known that cannabis contains more than 200 terpenes. Each substance has its own unique properties, but when taken together, the different terpenes may also have an effect on each other’s actions. This is called the entourage effect. This allows the interplay of effects to be even more powerful.

The cannabis plant produces terpenes in the resin glands, where cannabinoids are also produced. Many factors affect the production of terpenes, including the type of cannabis plant, the climate where the plant grows and even the type of soil. Because of this, the terpene profile (which terpenes a plant contains) can vary from plant to plant. When you choose full-spectrum CBD oil, there are a large number of different terpenes in the oil. Below is an overview of the most common ones.

Terpenes in CBD oil


There are many plants that contain myrcene, such as thyme, bay leaf, lemongrass and hops. This terpene is therefore the cause of the typical smell of certain beers. In cannabis, myrcene is one of the most abundant terpenes. Possibly, myrcene can inhibit inflammation and has analgesic properties. Furthermore, it is calming and has similar effects to antibiotics, according to research.


Humulene is also a common terpene in the hemp plant. It is also common in hops. The scent is woody and earthy. Much research is being done on this substance because humulene may have anti-cancer properties. In 2003, research was conducted on the effects of this terpene. It turns out that humulene can produce reactive oxygen particles, causing oxidation in tumor cells. This inhibits growth and promotes cell death. When humulene is combined with another terpene, beta-caryophyllene, its anti-cancer properties are even stronger. Furthermore, humulene has anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties.


One of the other terpenes in CBD oil is limonene. As the name suggests, this terpene causes a scent similar to limes. It is therefore liked to be processed as a flavor and fragrance. But because of its positive effects on health, limonene is also commonly used in medication. In fact, limonene can support the immune system and has antibacterial properties. It is possible that the terpene also has a calming effect and may be useful for anxiety, stress and depression.

Limonene can also be combined well with other terpenes and cannabinoids (the entourage effect). For example, it can enhance the effects of CBD, CBG and CBC.


We usually find the smell of borneol attractive, it causes an odor similar to that of mint. It has analgesic effects and can be used as an anticoagulant. Borneol can help with gum disease, research shows. In Asia, this terpene is popular because it is said to help against lung, liver and heart diseases. In this, modern science is a bit more conservative with such claims. Still, borneol could be used as a treatment for muscle and joint pain, thrombosis, hemorrhoids and digestive problems.


Linalool is a common terpene, found for example in mint, cinnamon, citrus fruit and thus also in the hemp plant. Linalool has a calming effect and can help with anxiety and stress. Its sedative effect is so powerful, it could potentially be used in mental disorders such as psychosis. Also, the terpene could help reduce seizures.


The wonderful smell of a pine forest is caused by pineene. It is produced by conifers and sage. Consequently, it is the most abundant terpene on earth. Pineene is very effective in infections: it is anti-inflammatory and has antimicrobial properties. Furthermore, the terpene can also help with concentration problems.

Benefiting from the power of terpenes with CBD oil

As you can see, the terpenes in full spectrum CBD oil can also help support your health. Full spectrum means that all the active substances from the hemp plant are present in this oil. Except for one substance: HTC. HTC is the psychoactive substance that provides the mind-altering effects of cannabis. So this is not in full spectrum CBD oil (it contains only traces, which will have no noticeable effects). So you can use CBD oil with peace of mind. In our shop you will find different brands and concentrations of CBD oil.

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