The importance of grounding for your health


Why is It of great importance to discharge or ground spiritually?

A sense of connection to the earth sounds floaty, but grounding is actually very practical and logical. Our earth to some is nothing more than just a lump of stone and to others it is a living organism. However you look at our planet, the earth is actually a huge battery that gives off a subtle energy. Everything that grows and flourishes on its surface needs this energy to live. Grounding means actively connecting with this energy. And this is important for feeling healthy and fit. How grounding works and what it can do for your health, you can read below.

Problems with grounding

Your heart beats, your brain continuously sends messages through your body, your muscles contract. All of these impulses that are transmitted are electrical signals. So despite the fact that you may not realize it, you are an electrically charged living being. Like the television, washing machine or toaster, you too should be grounded. This should happen naturally as you make contact with the earth.

A very long time ago, this was not a problem. Man still lived close to nature and came into daily contact with the earth. Literally, because people were still walking barefoot. Today we have lost contact with the earth for the most part. We wear shoes, sit inside for hours, sleep not on the floor but in a bed, and use electronic devices widely. There is not only a physical distance between man and nature, but even a psychological one. Because when have you taken the time to actively connect with nature?

Problems arise because we no longer connect with the earth. This itself has an electrical charge, which you should be connected to. This connection has become progressively weaker over the last decades, perhaps hundreds of years. This can cause a variety of health problems.

Consequences of a lack of grounding

When you don’t ensure effective grounding, physical and mental symptoms can arise. These also often become chronic and almost everyone suffers from them. The most common problems are chronic fatigue and digestive problems. Below are possible complaints that can be caused by lack of grounding:

    • Fear and turmoil
    • Depression
    • Fibromyalgia
    • Lupus
    • MS
    • Headaches or migraines
    • Chronic pain conditions, such as rheumatism, muscle pain
    • Menstrual problems
    • Always sick, flu-like
    • High blood pressure
    • Sleep problems, such as difficulty falling asleep or waking often during the night
    • Concentration problems

How can you ground well?

To address your health issues, you would need to restore your connection to the earth. One of the main jammers are our widely used electronics, such as the television, radiation from Wifi and transmission towers, smartphones, washing machines and all other equipment in your home. These cause what is known as electro-smog. As you may know, our bodies are mostly made up of water. As a result, you are a good conductor of radiation and our own energy field becomes distorted.Then, if we are not properly grounded, our body receives too high a voltage. There is a shortage of electrons, with a negative charge and an excessive level of free radicals (with a positive charge). You can get rid of this excess load of free radicals by getting better grounded. You can do this in the following ways.

With bare feet on the earth

Complicated operations are not even necessary to ground. All you have to do is take off your shoes and go barefoot. Do you think that’s too cold? Partly that’s a matter of getting used to and partly that’s just not true. When you walk barefoot, your feet are massaged by the ground and this stimulates circulation. It’s much less cold than you think. Through the nerve endings in your foot soles you can connect directly with the energy of the earth. Your own field will quickly come back into balance as a result. Make sure you do walk on a natural surface, such as sand or grass.

Grounding through visualization

Visualizing is also a good method for grounding. In this, you imagine that you have an energy body, an aura. Your aura also contains seven energy centers, the chakras. These take care of the distribution of energy. Through the lower chakra (the root chakra) you can absorb the energy of the earth. When you start grounding through visualization, you can use images to strengthen this connection. For example, you can imagine a powerful stream of energy flowing from your root chakra into the earth. You can give it a color (for example, gold or silver). Try to see before you that this energy pathway runs deep into the earth, all the way to the center of the earth. There is an exchange of energy: you take in healing earth energy through this connection and release excess energy. See this as vividly as possible in front of you in order to be well grounded. So grounding is one of the ways you can take good care of yourself. It is important to get rid of an abundance of positively charged free radicals and recharge yourself with earth energy. This can be done through grounding mats, visualization and walking barefoot. Are you well grounded and still have health issues? Then you can also see if microdosing with truffles is something for you. This can also help to restore balance, for example, with pain, anxiety or difficulty concentrating.

Grounding of furniture

Through grounded furniture, you can also restore your connection to the earth. For this you can use special mats, which you can put under your feet or a grounding sheet for your mattress. Other options include putting a mat on your desk and there are also small patches you can put on a sore spot. Such grounding products come with a cable that you connect to the ground of the outlet. This is therefore separate from the electrical grid, but provides a direct connection to the earth. Sleeping on a mat or resting your feet on it while working allows your body to re-discharge and restore balance.

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