What are the benefits of microdosing for students?


If you are a student or will soon be attending college, you are probably aware of what a special time it is. It is an exciting and stressful time for many young people, but also one of having fun and getting to know many other people. Being able to concentrate and find the balance between relaxing and studying can be quite a challenge. Microdosing can be a godsend for students.

Microdosing and the challenges for students

Studying today is different from twenty or thirty years ago, though. In earlier days, you worked from books and the Internet was in its infancy. Nowadays, as a student, you get distracted much easier. Your phone is a portal to your friends, and the Internet is not only a good source of information, but also of distraction.

However, students are also resourceful and are always looking for ways to make life easier. Microdosing is therefore rapidly becoming increasingly popular among these young people. Taking a very low dose of a mind-altering drug, such as magic mushrooms, can have many benefits for students.

The benefits of microdosing when studying:

  • Increased productivity
  • Improved concentration
  • Positive mindset
  • Improving concentration
  • More balanced mood
  • You get into the flow more easily
  • More creativity
  • Less procrastination
  • Increased self-awareness

Microdosing is thus very suitable for students to use during their study period. But microdosing not only has benefits for studying itself, but it can also help you cope with all the other challenges you may face during your college years. In fact, you may also find it difficult to cope with social life or with the increased responsibilities placed on your plate.

Microdosing with magic mushrooms or truffles can also help you feel more open and connected to others. You feel more present in the now and have less fretting and worrying. It may be that you feel more empathetic and therefore connect more easily. Microdosing can also boost your spiritual development and give you greater insight into your own beliefs and thought patterns. This makes it easier to deal with new situations.

Microdosing: support from nature

There are all kinds of resources you can use as a student to promote mental, emotional or physical fitness. But often these are harmful and chemical agents that have many drawbacks in the long run. The advantage of microdosing is that it is safe and has very few side effects.

Of course, a microdose of truffles also has a different effect and works in a different way than stimulants. It doesn’t help you stay awake for a night when you’re still trying to study quickly for an exam. Nor does it provide hyper-focus or a sudden boost of physical energy to party for hours.

Microdosing can be a way for students to better cope with stress, the pressures of studying and exams and the stimuli that busy student life can bring. It can help you concentrate better, feel more creative and interact more easily with your peers.

Research on the role of microdosing in college students

You may now be curious about the possibilities of microdosing. But what do the studies actually say? Iona Pop of Tilburg University conducted research on this among a group of students. She asked about their reasons for microdosing and their experiences. So this was an observational study, the students were already microdosing and had determined their own routine and dose.

Participants reported their mood five times a day and this was described as emodiversity. This term describes a wide variety of emotions. It is known that microdosing makes you more aware of your emotional state and that you also experience these emotions more strongly. Therefore, the researchers also assumed that microdosing would cause an increase in emodiversity. The study was designed to find out if that was the case.

It was found that students who microdosed experienced more emotions such as wonder, amazement and awe. However, it was not that they experienced emotions such as joy and pleasure more intensely. Iona Pop, who set up the study, thinks this is because students who microdose do so to develop themselves. They would prefer to be more disciplined, achieve their goals and work harder. Working on yourself is not always easy, and the fact that they are not experiencing more joy seems to indicate that they are now focusing on hard work and not necessarily on feelings of happiness.

The purpose and usefulness of microdosing

The students also indicated that their main reason for using microdosing was not to get higher grades. Their goal was to be more mindful and more present in the now (ultimately, of course, these are also factors that are good for your study results). Furthermore, Pop also found that students reported that they did feel more satisfaction and enjoyment in their activities, whether that was studying or exercising, on the day they took their microdose.

As mentioned, microdosing is a natural remedy. It doesn’t work like a pill, where you notice the effects fairly immediately. Microdosing truffles you use for a longer time and you notice the effects after a few weeks. If you want to try microdosing, check out our shop. We offer truffles from Magic Truffles and from Organic Magic Truffles XP so you have a wide choice.

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