Most unusual and powerful magic mushrooms


Did you know that there are as many as 180 species of magic mushrooms? These are mushrooms that contain the psychoactive substance psilocybin and therefore can also cause hallucinations. Some of these you will probably be familiar with. But in this blog, we list the most extraordinary and powerful magic mushrooms. Who knows, maybe one day you’ll come across one and you can try it!

The power of magic mushrooms

With the word magic mushrooms, many people immediately think of tripping. A trip involves disturbing your senses, causing you to see and hear things that are not actually there. But tripping is also more than that. It can help you release patterns you were stuck in, get through fears and gain new insights. So a trip can give you a lot of value.

For a really special trip, you could try the mushrooms below, although they are not as easy to find as the well-known mushroom species. Some contain an above-average amount of psilocybin or bring a little extra. Check out our overview below.

1. Psilocybe caerulipes, Blue-Foot

If you want to try Psilocybe caerulipes, or Blue Foot, then you will have to try hard. This mushroom is incredibly hard to find because it is so rare. It occurs in the northeastern United States. It is usually blue in color, but can also be dark blue or black, with a white stem. The cap averages about 3 cm in diameter.

The psilocybin content in the Blue Foot mushroom is not very high, at between 0.2 and 0.6%. The experiences are special, though. The effects are not very intense, but these mushrooms are known to induce a sense of connection with nature and the universe. You start to feel cheerful and positive. Visual hallucinations also occur and even a blending of the senses, where you can hear colors and see smells. So a very special experience.

2. Psilocybe tampanensis, Philosopher's Stones

Psilocybe tampanensis is also rare. It likes to grow in subtropical climates, such as along the Gulf of Mexico and especially in Florida. He does not look very conspicuous, with his somewhat faded brown hat. And he doesn’t get very big either. Mycologists and cosmonauts find tampanensis particularly interesting because of the truffles it produces.

These truffles also have mind-altering properties and are often called the Philosopher’s Stone. This is because they can arouse deep spiritual feelings. The potency of psilocybe tampanensis is average. The trip is often compared to that of DMT at high doses. In the process, you can go through mystical experiences and meet extraordinary beings. Therefore, these magic mushrooms (or the truffles) are ideally suited for a trip that has self-discovery as its goal. They are somewhat similar to Golden Teacher, who is also seen as a philosophy teacher.

3. Psilocybe allenii

These beautiful, warm orange colored mushrooms have been used for centuries within the culture of the original inhabitants of the Americas. They grow along the west coast of the United States, from Washington to San Francisco. You often find them standing together in large groups. What makes these mushrooms special is that they are enormously potent. The psilocybin content is an impressive 1.84%. This is almost on the same level as the well-known potent Psilocybe McKennaii.

During a trip with Psilocybe allenii, you will see visual distortions and hallucinations. Your experience of time changes and you may notice changes in your thought patterns. Emotions are heightened by this mushroom (so it is important to prepare well for this trip and ensure a positive set and setting). Spiritual experiences are quite possible, where you gain new insights.

Users report that while Alleni is similar to Psilocybe cubensis, it feels more potent and at the same time smoother and softer. One user said this is one of the most powerful magic mushrooms in terms of visual hallucinations. Also, introspective qualities really lead to new insights.

4. Panaeolus cyanescens, also known as Blue Meanie

Have you heard of the extraordinary and powerful magic mushroom Panaeolus cyanescens? It has also been called the Blue Meanie or the “Crown Jewel of psychedelic mushrooms.” Among experienced psychonauts, the Blue Meanie has already made a real name for itself. Despite its name, this little mushroom is brown, not blue, and does not look very special.

But make no mistake. It is three times more potent than the well-known Psilocybe cubensis and is one of the most potent magic mushrooms. The Blue Meanie contains an average of 1.15% psilocybin, with outliers known up to 2.5%. Therefore, the effects cannot be underestimated. Users report that the hallucinations are very vivid and strong. You may also experience feelings of euphoria and striking clarity of mind.

Meanies may have the word mean in their name, yet they often induce a positive mindset. Furthermore, you may notice a change in your perception of reality, of your body and the ego. Tripping with P. cyanescens is often intense, sometimes terrifying, but certainly a captivating and even ecstatic experience.

All magic mushrooms are special

If you already have a lot of experience with magic mushrooms, it may be interesting to try one of these special, rare mushrooms. But really, all magic mushrooms are special anyway. Each strain has its own unique spectrum of effects and delivers you an extraordinary experience. Until now, have you only used mushrooms with mild effects, such as the Mexican or Thai mushroom? Then you could switch to a more potent mushroom, such as the Mazatapec or the Golden Teacher.

If you are really ready for a world-changing trip that takes you to higher realms, then you can go for the McKennaii or the Ecuadorian magic mushrooms. Please note that these are magic mushrooms suitable only for experienced psychonauts. As you can see, the familiar magic mushrooms really do deliver a great trip too!

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